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Ready to talk some series twelve with my wonderful partner. Time all around wonderful person and One of the coolest people you ever get to meet in the known universe Jesse Jackson. How you doing Jesse I am good. Charles the Tartus is being kind to us today. We're getting we're able to land a little bit closer to the broadcast date than what we've been doing so also known as Jesse schedule kind of was doing better this week. Yes effort for for once Jesse and his wife. Wendy Linda were off on a vacation. That's right and I get to Well deserved vacation. I might add. Thank you and so it was very nice as Charleston. I've talked about. The new GIG is less than five minutes from the House. So used to be with Plano Where I was working. It was a thirty to forty five minute commute home so to to kit at six o'clock Jesse time. Seven o'clock Charleston is tough but now then it's like okay. We almost six thirty your time. So yeah because I know You know some of you have been the little like. Hey where's our episodes because we had a little lax? I know Dave Mackay. Proctor was for one Checked in with us like are you guys. Ok We haven't gotten your episode and So we're like okay. We need the kind of get these going. A little faster so So here at episode. One seventy two. We're GONNA talk the hunting of villa. Do Dadi which aired just a few days ago on February sixteenth twenty twenty. My Dad's eighty fifth birthday which went very very well by the way and Written by maxine alternate Alderson. Excuse me new doctor who directed by Emma Sullivan. Who direct the previous episode. Can you hear me? And this is the eighth episode of series twelve. So one of the things I thought was interesting Charles is. This is not co written by the show runner. Yes and most of the episodes this week this season having co written by him well you know he kind of did that a little bit too although he wrote most of them solo last year but Frank Kinda had his fingers in. It's nothing new Stephen Moffatt kind of used to tack his name on as well. Stephen Moffatt editor. Sometimes I kind of wondered why he got involved because I think some of them some of those stories in the Mafia would I think would have been better without his interference. Meddling but Interaction Yeah I think one of the things we have been told is Chris. Cheblal is doing this more of a traditional. Us Writer's room right where In the past it's been not a writer's room he just Moffitt and Russell t Davies would assign a story to someone this one kind of collaborative and The reality is When you run up when you do a writer's room Everyone kind of helps a little bit on plot and then they assign someone to Actually go ride it so I think this person a pretty good job. Yeah maxine Alderson human. I think in the case of like something like the the fugitive. Je Dune where it was something that was so central to the series two overarching storyline that That makes sense for chip not get involved but here I think he kind of probably. Liz looked at the script and thought it was a very solid script so didn't need him to At anything at least enough to warrant a credit and You know I and I really enjoyed the script and I love the episode. I thought it was a very solid episode. Great doctor who anybody that has had criticisms of of The season in particular You know there's nothing preachy about it. No no message so that old excuse or that the particular complaint doesn't really fly here and You know maybe that's too too why this episode may come off generally better than than some others. What I thought it was really good. I thought it was very creepy. I always like when they do a historical figures And it's that famous Focal focus folklore. Right of you know all these writers being together and and you know who can come up with the scariest story and And they had a little fun with that right right. Oh let's dance the more so I liked it. I liked it a lot. I thought it was Very nice to have the cyberman being involved with the Creator Frankenstein I don't I'm hoping you explain a little bit of the half face. Cyberman not sign that before so I thought that was interesting and Yeah it was just a really good episode solid episode. Yeah so be sure to watch your fucking language just indeed so Yeah I obviously you know on record being a big fan of the doctor who stories so this one was great. It's in my wheelhouse You know very much you know the haunted house hence the title the Haunting Avila. Dod Yeah and You know there's obviously more going on and I think a lot of people were pleasantly surprised. that this trip back through history into history to meet Mary Shelley. Who is the creator of Frankenstein? The classic novel the Classic Novel That it tied in to the upcoming two part season finale essentially the Cyberman and children of time and You know that That it's apparently pretty important to that. So I think a Lotta. Hopefully that kind of pleasantly surprised some people and maybe made this episode a little bit more important as a result. I was pleasantly surprised. I thought it was really well done. And yes good stuff. Good all right Let's run down. Our our guest cast this time. We had Lily Miller as Mary wollstonecraft. Godwin as the you know. The the the unmarried name of Mary Wollstonecraft Shelley. And you pretty new actress Jake. Jacob Colin Levy played Lord Byron. And you know obviously the the thirteenth Dr Heads Zero time for he played a character named Rufus in a big finish. Seventh Doctor Audio. That just came out not too long ago called an alienware. Wolf in London. And if you're a fan of the miniseries the white princess that aired on Starz not too long ago he was actually Henry. The seventh in so my my wife Lori was Surprise when I mentioned that little tidbit to her because she's a big fan of those. You know the white queen the White Princess and the Spanish Princess series of mini series based on novels Patrick Kane played a shod. The loan cyberman every time they say. Loan Cyberman I WANNA go like you know like you know the I think of the lone ranger cyberman riots. Yes I agree with with a cloud of Nano dust or whatnot and so Anyway so he might be notable. To game of thrones fan because he was the new face of Jacqueline Hagar. The Face Changer. Right. He was the guy that you know when when regard initially said goodbye to Arya He was the face than Jack. Jack and Hogar assumed okay. I did not recognize that I am kind of a little bit obscure US also in the movie. The Star Wars the last Jedi little movie you may have heard of and A little bit more scary movie exorcist. The beginning if you're exorcist Fan Lewis Rayner played. Who Played Percy bish Celli was in the Dracula the two thousand thirteen TV series that aired on NBC the One Chart Star Jonathan. Rhys Meyers. I believe as as Dracula I kind of liked. That show only lasted a season. But I don't think I watched that but it was pretty good. I thought okay. Maxim Baldry played at John Dory Dr Pillory and he was on. Hbo's Rome and he's going to beyond the upcoming Lord of the Rings TV series. Okay so Not sure what characters playing. But apparently he's going to be on that show and not parks play cleric Clermont and She was also in another stars. Miniseries the Spanish princess so so that's our principal. Cast this time. Okay all right I do have a couple things a trivia. Please forget into our main topics. If you're a big fan of fan you might be familiar with the The the the notion that this is not the doctor's first encounter with Mary Shelley because two big finish at least two big finish audio plays involve the eighth Doctor Meeting Mary Shelley Around Eighteen. Sixteen upon where in one of those You know she joined the him briefly as a companion so she was actually one of the eighth doctor audio companions for a brief time very brief time like four audios I think total and one of the audio plays the Silver Turk that was in two thousand eleven involved in meeting Vault doctor and Mary Shelley meeting a damaged Cyberman off which became similar inspiration for Mary. Shelley to write Frankenstein. Okay makes sense so So I don't know if chip no listen to that kind of got the idea but It's kind of a natural enough idea. I guess to make a Cyberman the inspiration for Frankenstein and Maxine altered in Definitely plays that up here in her script but but yeah I guess this continuity because it's TV kind of supersedes big finish audio. So I don't so maybe that that doesn't quite fit into cannon anymore Silverton so that's okay sadly because it was a pretty good one Lord Byron Little Kid Little Trivia on him he was known to tortuously for his promiscuity of course and had to flee London to Lake Geneva prior to eighteen sixteen turns out. Guess what in? They kind of touched on this briefly Not sure if anybody caught it but he's legitimate father to Ada lovelace who the doctor and her companions met way back at the beginning of the season in The spy fall two parter. Yes that's right. I had not connected that but yes they did talk about that so I don't know if that has any importance but but I find it very interesting. Id to that's kind of Nice so just a little bit of Trivia there for okay for anyone that may not know that if you already know that you're smarter than me yes which isn't hard but Yeah just throwing that out there all right three topics this time and actually have a theme. Yes Okay and doing on short notice to all right So topic number one Ozzy Mantius. Oh okay so I'm gonNA throw that out there that there for now and In this topic I want to talk about the doctor. And the FAM- okay. So we have the thirteenth doctor after promising to At the end of can you hear me to bring everybody back to Meet Mary Shelley the crater of Frankenstein. The the doctor Fam- they travel back to Lake Geneva in eighteen. Sixteen year without a summer and show up at The villa dod where Just so happens Mary. Shelley's there with Lord Byron John Dory and Claire Clairmont and bad. I thought you know they had a very funny encounter at the beginning right before the credit started and and get invited in in and So I want to get your thoughts on the doctrine. The FAM meeting there Mary Shelley and then kind of The doctor face to face with and we'll talk about the loan. Cyberman more third sub segment. But I want to get your thoughts on the doctor's perspective on that all right. So my initial gas is either watchmen characters or epic points a theme so just throwing that out there with the first clue. I first off. I loved that the psychic papers didn't work and they made the joke like. Oh maybe they need to be dried out but often we've established geniuses see-through the psychic paper right and so because it did work for William Shakespeare absolutely didn't Shakespeare Coats. Oh yes So I thought that was nice The doctors not dressed very period. -Ly even though the Fam- is You know the doctor kind of universal. The doctor doesn't care the doctors travel. Like I'm just GonNa wear what I want. I want to be instable right. You guys wear the funny clothes. I'm going to be comfortable in my like grey overcoat siegried. Yes or whatever you WANNA call boots. Yes and my doc martens. Yes felt fed a little bit for Graham not being able to fine the privy like..

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