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You're listening to the revision pat podcast a weekly showcase the world's blatant graphic designers web designers and web developers through indepth interviews you'll learn about their work their goals and what inspires them as creative individuals here's your host maurice cherry welcome to the provision path podcast my name is maurice cherry and before we get into this you interview i wanna talk about our sponsors glitch google designed and mail chimp glitches the friendly community where you'll build the web app of your dreams whether you're into design coating music or art glitches the right tool for you start from scratch remix any of the available projects and make them your own and if you get stuck just raise your hand and get help from the glitch community get started on making something awesome today at glitch dot com whether it's the finding of branding style in vr or creating a voice user interface that actually feels human google design is committed to sharing the best design thinking from google and beyond sign up for great stories events in the latest updates on material design at design dot google forward slash newsletter again that's designed dot google forward slash newsletter you can also follow google design on facebook twitter and google plus did you know that the number one email marketing priority is personalization i mean it makes sense if you think about it you know you really only want to hear from the people and businesses that you like and mail chimp helps make that happen with their robust campaign builder and the host of helpful automations it's email marketing with a personal touch sign up a male chimp dot com today for a free account mail chimp send better email.

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