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Missing payments with automatic Bill pay and automatic rebalancing features for your investment, allocations educate yourself as a financial wellness educator, you'd probably expect me to be an advocate of financial education, but a desire to learn should be a given across all areas of our lives. If you aren't learning you aren't growing so spent some time to understand the root cause of financial anxiety try to understand your money history. What were some early experiences you remember about money growing up? What reason events in your financial life have shaped your views toward managing money. Most importantly, ask yourself, if your beliefs about money are helping or hurting your progress toward life goals once you've identified what has been holding you back. You can move forward by learning some important financial planning concepts. Just remember you don't have to be financial genius to make smart financial moves going forward. But you do want to obtain a strong grasp of the basics and never stop learning from this point on. Reach out to others for guidance and support the idea of having regular money talks may not sound exciting to someone who has a history of money arguments. These conflicts related to managing finances me even contribute to a desire to avoid financial matters altogether. But sometimes the best way out of a cycle of money avoidance is to just fight through the urge to begin a system shutdown when you are at a financial crossroads consider reaching out to a friend or family member who's got their financial life in order for support contact your employee assistance program e AP to see if they offer financial counseling or coaching services. Hire a certified financial planner professional or just start small by scheduling regular talks with your spouse or partner about money. There is even a financial Therapy Association available as a resource to help you overcome money avoidance, no matter, which route you take commit to talking more about money and reach out to others for guidance of money. Moneymatters may provide temporary relief. But eventually they must be address. With a proactive financial plan. Unfortunately, financial stress and related problems may be lurking around the corner of avoidance with more permanent reminders of the dangers associated with mentally checking out for money matters. The best way to deal with the fear factor associated with managing personal finances is to take a few steps in the right direction. Just a few behavior changes and a little open and honest assessment of the situation can result in positive results. Whatever needs to be done to enhance your financial life plan or just get one rolling the best time to start. He's right now. You just listened to the post titled how to overcome financial avoidance by Scott Spann with financial finesse dot com. And another mention of why nab in that. Article eight is a great tool as I mentioned yesterday and also mentioned yesterday if you want to try that out get an extended trial with this link old podcast dot com slash track. That's L D podcast dot com slash track. And thank you once again to Abby connect more than half of Americans have walked away from a purchase or business because of poor service. I know I have why spend money advertising business only to deliver a poor customer service experience. Try adding Abby connects team of professional receptionists to your business. They can easily address all your customers concerns while treating them with respect and compassion. You'll never lose a sale again due to poor customer service, the Google reviews. Don't lie. Customers are much happier. Talking to real people who care about them. And. Now is the best time. It's the end of the year. And adding Abby connected to answer your calls in twenty nineteen is a great way to improve and grow your business in the new year. Call Abby connect today to have a world class professional and courteous team of receptionists. Wow. Ing your callers by tomorrow morning. Call eight three three Abby wild to hear the difference. That's eight three three ABB y w w for a free two week trial and ninety five dollars off your first Bill eight three three abbey wile, and that is it for today. Thank you so much for being here and being a subscriber. And I'll see you in the Friday show tomorrow. That's where your optimal life awaits.

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