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B. R. welcome back to Latino USA I might be a no host time and we're gonna continue now with our conversation with Lynnette it is hopeless also known as we see them today and we're gonna jump into his twenty seventeen first solo album we've missed talking with you when you released your first solo album I see them day and the documentary called a student there that you directed so tell us a little bit about the notion and by the way I just did my DNA is well nice yeah and it's so you know it confirms and then confuses you which I love so how did the process challenge you of one getting the DNA results and then kind of recognizing insane wow this is who I am and of all the places that you went what was the place that you felt the most connected to kind of like I feel this and the place that you were most surprised that you ended up in I think that every place surprised me because I I really try to focus on to connect while I was there like for example in Siberia Westmoreland strategy I was surrounded by mountains and wolves we were in the border with Mongolia SO I had time to think about what I was doing you know like why am I here and what I've been doing doing all these years I was thinking out loud I don't know why I should do the same we'd like I want to do other things in my life thank you don't want to stand on the stand myself better Douglas Iberia then I don't know when I went to work in a fast so it woke me up on a part of my for me you know like I was very keen to tell my son got on his fight and and that evolution and I was like very into that it was intense for me it was dark at the same time was beautiful because I met beautiful people like it was different China gave me another thing so every every country then Sir via or when I went to Georgia and then our mania I was in to the wire and I was into the refugees so everything must bear child and it has a different way you know you approach everything you know your art your creation and your communication with other people with so much respect I think that's one of the things that everybody takes away from you so how did you approach songwriting in cultures that you I didn't really know really well when I was doing this project for example I try to do everything I just wanted to be connected with what I was feeling you know before I met anyone who was when I was gonna make music with me I wanted to be prepare before I met for example in Siberia I had already like a real things before I go to the studio with their throat singers.

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