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A day after an audio recording was made public in which President Trump called him a never Trumper. No. J Pack who was appointed by the president announced his resignation as U. S attorney for the Northern District of Georgia, in a news release. The statement did not say why pack is leaving or what he plans to do next. In the release, pack called the job the greatest honor of his professional career. He went on to say, I've done my best to be thoughtful and consistent and to provide justice for my fellow citizens in a fair, effective and efficient manner. Today. Elections officials in Georgia have been responding to President Trump's call on Saturday in which he pleaded with the Republican secretary of state in Georgia to find votes in his favor. See, that's such a long list for half an hour, Georgia elections official Gabriel Sterling painstakingly refuted the conspiracy theories the president aired and his now infamous call with Sterling's boss. None of that is true. Sterling said He was particularly frustrated by the claim that ballots had been pulled from suitcases. I screamed in my car at the radio talking about It's because this has been thoroughly sterling urged faith in the system ahead of the Senate run offs. Please turn out vote tomorrow. Stephen Portnoy. CBS NEWS Washington also tonight, George's secretary of state, Brad Raffles Burger, who's On the other end of that call tells NBC news. He's not sure how the recording of the call got released, but that we're better for it. Officials in Rathbun's Berger's office recorded the call, and he made clear to his advisers that he did not want a transcript or recording released unless President Trump attacked Georgia officials or misrepresented the conversation before the audio was like the president attacked Rapids Burger on Twitter, saying that they had a call and that the secretary of state was unwilling or unable to answer his questions. To which Rapids Burger responded. The truth will come out. Rapids, Burger explains. Now everyone can listen to the whole one hour, eight minute call with the president. But at the end of the day what he said was not factually correct. I want to make sure that people understand the facts. That's a quote The president's call also draws fire from Democrats in Congress as we hear from W. T. O. P s Capitol Hill correspondent Mitchell Miller, the Senate second Most powerful Democratic Senator Dick Durbin, says he believes the call should lead to a criminal investigation, and many other Democrats are also highly critical. The head of the House is Democratic Caucus. Hakeem Jeffries is also good. Turned about Republican plans to object on Wednesday to the electoral college confirmation of President elect Joe Biden. Voters have spoken the Electoral College has spoken. The courts have spoken. But House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy, speaking on Fox back the president's criticism of the election, and declined to criticize the Georgia phone call. The president believes that they're things that happened in Georgia. He wants to see the accountability for on Capitol Hill, Mitchell Miller w T O P New president elect Joe Biden appeared in Atlanta the late afternoon. Only with the Democratic candidates for the U. S. Senate. The Senate runoff election in Georgia is tomorrow. It's a new year and tomorrow can.

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