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Ah, so very much to me. In the same vein I was in with Nashville. I came in a ship from 1967 and I am already came to town for I thought I would be working. Video, which I found out. That's not my thing. I'm not a studio musician, I'ma laugh performer, but Union devices decided that I didn't have the right to do that. And I was not making a lot of head last time, few stations here and and you know, but Bob Johnston, there's the guided, probably towns who was producing Bob Dylan. He had Bob was coming down to do a album that eventually ended up being national Skylab and I wanted at such a big thing, and I told Bob Johnson Bob, If there's any way you can just so I can always say the rest of my life that I actually played a session with the great Bob Dylan. Did you get me out of session? They have 15 sessions booked to do that. Project, So the first session it was booked guitar player that he was going to use on all the risk could not make it that one session he was able to make any calls me and she's becoming employ this section, and then you could believe in the other car come in, So I went and applied session. I was packing my step up. Get ready late in Boston, Bob Johnson, where he's going He said. He's leaving. I got nothing guitar player coming and without warning the guitar, but I want him. Those nine words, I cannot even articulate what it meant to me that time in my career when I was very much a man.

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