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When i was in elementary school i didn't created i did poorly on. Iq tests is a young kid. In the late fifties early sixties. They used to give iq tests every year to group iq tests. And i did very poorly on them and you might ask how i know since they didn't give us the scores. But when you get the test and you only finish one or two problems and everyone else's turn the page. It doesn't take a high. You realize that you bombed so when i was in sixth grade i was sent back to a fifth grade classroom to take an easier tests that they thought would be more suitable to my ability level and because it was a fifth grade classroom my was less afraid and i think i did better i in seventh grade. I decided try to figure out why did so much trouble when he just said. I did a project on development of the mental tests and i devised my own. I teach us the very famous thoroughbred test of mental gallotti's stone. Which i'm sure you've heard of in. It's so widely used still haven't gone along with everything else from winners thirteen and i also found these stanford buzney intelligence tasks in the adult section of my town library and gave it to some of my classmates in didn't work out so well it didn't make you too popular well. A kids didn't mind that either. I one i tried was a girl who was romantically interested in. It certainly proves to be an unsuccessful strategy for getting a girl romantically interested in me. And then the Heads school systems psychologist. Got wind of it. Call me down from social studies. Class and Balmy out for fifty minutes threatening had burned the buck. If i ever brought it into school again really off your there yeah. Yeah so That was that was you know for a teenager. You never do. They never tell a teenager. He can't do something that makes it really attractive. Storms still Still doing studying. I q and indulges things like that. Not just to show him. Of course but because that's what i became really passionate about. Yeah i know. And when did you start becoming passionate about studying it. Scientifically because when you're in grad school in psychology That wasn't the topic of your dissertation. Was it was the competent theory. Part of your dissertation actually was it was a that was. Okay propose the theory. I started off studying of very exciting catholic and graduates. I mean you might have to hold onto your share because it's so exciting. It was negative transfer in part hollin hall part free recall which was just the mind-bending a great thing to study. But after i did that for a year in try to stay a week. I knew that wasn't what i wanted to do. And at the end of my first year my undergraduate adviser guy named tall came around and invited me to meet some people at the center for advanced studying the behavioral sciences and. I told them. I want to study intelligence but i want to study at. They elected me like well. It's really sad. When guy is like twenty two years old is already run out of ideas but that summer after my first year i forget how it's gonna study intelligence that did become my dissertation showing fever would say oh you know. That was the best work he ever didn't. It's been downhill ever since fan. I don't think anyone would say that but it well. Do you remember the moment than what that you decided. You wanted to. Actually scientifically study intelligence. Like who are you reading in grad school along those lines we ring like charles spearman like there wasn't like our garner hadn't even had his theory at right now. I i started saying intelligence after my seventh grade project. I did a project intense grade on the effects of distractions on mental ability test performance. I had people take mental ability to that. I created in they either were in the control condition where they just took it or they had a car heavily up shining in their eyes in the dark room or they listened to a metronome taking or they had the beatles in the background playing. She's got the devil in our heart. And please mr postman. And the only effect got was that people did better listening to the beatles music and then in eleventh grade. I took physics Seventeen i guess. It started off okay but every marking period migrated was going down. So i tried to salvage my physics great and i did a physics aptitude test which was actually pretty good The high school later adopted at and it predicted physics grades with. I still remember with a coefficient of sixty four. So i did that. And then i so even in college. I just wasn't that i did a lot of reading. It's just i've always just. I always study things bad at a you know and so that's a lot of things site study. A lot of things studied. Because i seem to have problems. They that's so interesting. Just feel it just feels like you're like destined to study this topic and it just it showed up so early these themes right now. I feel that way to doing some of the same stuff and gifted issue so we read. It wasn't gifted it was total loser. And that's how. I got interested so interesting so you're in college. You're at yale undergraduates right. Yeah yeah and you. Did you know that you wanted to major in psychology like your freshman year. What were you like freshman year of college. What was bob sternberg like freshman year of college. I got there. And i definitely wanted to major in psychology. That didn't go so well. We either. I took intro psych and The first test was great in on a ten point scale and the professor handed out our papers. It was the first hand right before thanksgiving vacation. Handed him out. Descending order so was a ten point quiz and he started handing out the tens. And then the nines and then the age and then when you got your papers could leave for thanksgiving vacation. He did to seven when he got to the sixers. They figured well he must have gotten line ad order. Because there's no way could gone below six any actually got to me and i had a three of the top may paper three additive. Any comedy did you know. There's a famous sternberg psychology and it looks like there won't be another one. I still remember. I have a photographic memory of his saying that. So i fear that doesn't look so good for my psychology kerr so i decided to switch to math and then i took a course on real analysis and i still remember in nothing is gonna be a math major and the real announce discourses really hard and we took a term united. No idea where the problems came from. And i got a thirty five on out and they figured well that was just because it was such a hard test and there was this really scruffy guy sitting in front of me. I figure well you know he must have done worse than i did. Pay ninety eight. And i realize well it looks like i'm not going to be majoring in math either so i went back to psychology. And that's what i've done since then now when you got your Professorship at yale and started to get a claim. Did you ever go back to that teacher. Like were you professor at yale at the same time that he still teaching. Oh yeah he was the head of the search committee that hired me no seriously seriously. That's crazy another classroom is a junior And i got an a in that. And he and i actually became. I think pretty. Good friends He later got sick. When i was at yale as a professor and i went to visit him until he passed away but he was he was a good guy. It's just You know that. I didn't his for his intercourse. Got a c. n. Which any told me while he gave to me as a gift but things got better with him he was he was good was it. What was his name crowder. Oh of course yeah. I didn't know if you had one of those. Like how do you like them. Apples moments you know from like goodwill hunting. So that's why. I asked if you were went back to him in like you know we got along dispatched guy. I really admired him in. We became pretty good friends. That's great. that's great okay..

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