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Not anymore. Two thousand two no more but the nineties prom rate is on June fourteenth Nova five three five ticket detail soon. Go ahead, sir. Finally friday. Good. If the red three months taking hockey puck close to you. Through what about the Hello groups to go in? And it started at two at four three hour day groups. Hippo and give rise would you? Live who you. Hey, dave. What's up, buddy? Is it? So. Would you mind if I get one last little promo? Had mentioned tomorrow night. If you don't mind metal fry pats is is tomorrow night in Tampa brass Ma fourteen fifty skipper road and plug it, dude. Five dollars to get in five very very solid violence and one hundred percent of the to half day. It'll be four volunteers from the apple tore their donations. And they'll, you know, April hook with Phoebe when it's all said and done and looking forward to pay a hundred going hopefully that'll go up tomorrow. We'll get a lot of serious donations will turn out as a lot of money. Hope. So do thank you very much for doing that brat day, a wonderful organization. The show do pass. Thank you. Appreciate dave. Like a flower. I'm surrounded by pedal to Morrow night. Go kick out some medals. A cost Roach is an aspe- you can find that concert at the brass Dave's band. What was the name? I can't quite remember. I know what sounds save as morbid angel or something like that. Do you? Remember like a rat pet? I think it was a Phil face, right? What was it? Dave. Gotcha fans name. But I remember it might have been a little lame to me. But I ain't to that music. If you call that Scott, the number you could tell me the name of your crazy ass ban. You tell me what you got in your left hand. Dave, what are you doing to more nights checks out car? No ruined as another band now is called siren. Their lead singer is named Myron. I don't know. That's true. I rot of bus doesn't know the band on the Bill called August Joe up. A for a nice lady, there's another band, not turn this AD. And then there's oblivion, but I don't think any of the playing anyways. Right. Saying why you can't host and play.

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