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Because i found him immensely closed off as a human being i mean it was his though he lived in the glass case he never cracked to smile i got off on the wrong foot with him on the very first day of rehearsal oddly enough how did you do that well joel jim come into their home the both molden slightly drunk and it's dark and he sets me i'll be said to me you know and she sort of stumble because she's trying to find what to put a coat down i'm paraphrasing what actually sit and i said doesn't she know with the light switches she lives here doesn't she and that was not the so so he was so it wasn't a it wasn't amazing rhines until but you know we had a mild this cost and really really interesting and you know the secular nature of life cynthia nixon played the girl in it and she came to the show the other night and she looks testing compeletely it was long ago it was and her under study in the ob obese also came to see the play and she cynthia's on the study was the original see in three tall women no kidding no kidding when it was first before the english speaking theatre in vienna and i said she's another cynthia and i said what was be like i mean did he cracker smile did he talk to you she said well he gave me two notes i can't remember which the second one was but the first one is indelible in my mind she said he said to me i don't want the audience to like her about.

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