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Rachel vich is a victim to put them together on the same card, even though they have nothing to do with each other. Yeah. But they have both been involved in a similar experience. But from very very different perspectives to me, it is putting Rachel Oeste vich, regardless of what she may be saying because she's put a very tough spot media's reaching out there. What are you going to say? No, it's putting her in a very tough spot. Awkward spot. I do believe to degree. It's also putting Greg hardy in a tough spot. Because now he's having to answer. You you're doing the opposite of what I just said you should be doing. Now, your magnifying it. You're not letting him right on bigger putting ESPN and tough spot. And I'm only speaking on my behalf here. Because now the network is having to answer for it. When in reality, it's only the U of C who's making decision they have full booking control. Right. And so to me this is tone deaf. It's do. At best. It's it's a move that didn't need to happen. It's move that. You know, the the debut pm was going to be big regardless. I don't think Greg actually adds all that much to it put him on some other card. There's thirteen weeks of cards. Why do you have to do on that one especially when reach lost which is on the card, and so I know that the Android said he spoke to reach vici still has an answer the question if he spoke to before after booking, but she says that you know, he's got history. I've got mine I reached out she didn't want to speak at this time. And I totally understand reach out to Greg hardy didn't want to speak at this time. And I totally understand. But to me like last week was a very big week for the of see being Toronto sold out back in Canada, those lots of like this overshadowed it, and I just felt like this was completely avoidable didn't need to happen. No one was clamoring to have Greg hardy on the ESPN debut, and Greg Rachel who had just experienced this alleged horrific incident fighting on the same card an hour. It just doesn't happen. And and the word that tends to come to mind is tone-deaf. How do you not realize that this was a mistake? I have no answer for that. It is is clear rhetorical shirt. Is the clearest mistake that there is and your point about nobody clamoring for this is very evident. By the fact, that he was going to be fighting in December under, you know, quite frankly, look shroud of anonymity. That was not going to be this big spotlight. And now he is being thrown into that on necessarily. So I remember when I first reported by Greg hardy trying for the first time. Yeah. This is like two and a half years ago. Emmy fence don't really know. Greg hardy is in the sense that they're like, oh, this is a big NFL guy coming over. It's the general sports fan who knows Greg hardy who then hears about him doing a man to like oh God. That's that's a little uncomfortable. That's who you're appealing to. So I bet you the thought like this is perfect for ESPN. But to me, this is this is a big deal for sport. And for it to be overshadow like this. We should only be talking about pseudo dillashaw. Absolutely fighting for the flyweight title. And Donald Cerrone fighting, Alex Hernandez, and and JoAnne Calderwood fighting against the picky. Like, those are the fights that should be getting all the attention. I can guarantee you that Greg hardy is going to get just as much attention as the two guys fighting in the main event it to me, that's a travesty. Yeah. And I also think even though Rachel ostrich has said that she's okay with this or as told to Dana, white, what are you going to say first of all as you said, she's in a tough position there her entire paycheck is I need to fight. So she's going to fight. But she's also made a declarative statement that she is fighting to show that there is more beyond domestic violence and his great it is a positive message. This is now casting negative light onto what was a story that could have been positive full..

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