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Sense of humor truly huge. Oh and intelligence. Maybe i probably going to be truly funny. You have to be smart. In some capacity. I vote intelligence cool because there are some ugly men that i think are very attractive. Because they're very smart cool who i've met on planes. What turns you off. Oh god just male comics. In general high school yearbook quotes. What turns me off is excessive hubris. And it's not so much ego as long as you can back it up with something. I hate unsubstantiated ego. I hate mimicking talent. I'm thinking of a lot of male comics that bothers me Having an attitude with no nothing to back it up no work to back it up. One thousand percent. Yeah what noise a love. Sorry what fuck. I wrote these goddamn questions. What noise or sound do you love. Oh very quiet. I really like listening to my dog. Breathe when she's sleeping just dog breath door that what sounded noise. Do you hate. There's so many young okay This is not one that i hate. It's grading the sound of loud helicopter over you. You don't realize that that's why you've been clenching. Your jaw forever the alarm that we all have on our iphones alarm sound specifically because we never change it and it to me. It is like going to go to the airport like every time i hear. I'm automatically twenty-eight hung over trying to get out of omaha going zero to sixteen heartbeat heartbeat city. And you're the mayor. Yeah what's your favorite curse word and you can have multiple answers for this like just basically like the f. word many but any curse word it doesn't have to be the one you use the most but like faith like you hear it or get to say it in his show or you heard i think a well-placed fuck is a thing of beauty totally. I think if you use it too much then it starts to lose its sting well placed. Faulk is very funny. You're not against cursing onstage. we don't curse a lot no but should be. There's a punctuation. Not just because i can't fucking bugging than what do you think about. People that are like like seinfeld is like i just don't curse to think like do you think there's some people that are like above it or it's just like not what i do. Just not the way they are. I don't think it makes you better than anyone or anything. And you definitely open yourself up to more opportunities if you don't curse but again if it's well placed versus. I you know what word i never use his motherfucker. What up motherfucker. Gotta be natural. I heard a guy. Say the other day on stage. And i go. Yikes that was the second time you've ever said that ya and it did not come out of your mouth away should have. I don't love bitches. I don't referring to gals just in general gaggle of dogs like what up bitch like i just i'm not i don't i don't wanna claim that word. I don't care that much. Yeah but golly nope that to calling someone a bitch. She's a bitch is funny because it is what it is was like. These are my bitches. And it's like i suppose i'm just like oh let's We got a long way to go claiming all you want. I'm not going to say what what profession other than you would you like to attempt and it can't be like within the realm of sort of what i do. It be like acting. And i think i would be attempt attempt. What do i like to. Maybe he's being sort of professional athlete. Cool but it's a little late for that. What sport specifically. Maybe you know what i think. I'd be a good workout instructor. you would. yeah sometimes. I pretend i'm leading an all job. You could have definitely done for this. Or that's that's the next movie for sure girl showroom over netflix. Yeah i took a cardio Cardio bar cardio hip hop. I think she convinced me too early. Morning ended up tearing my calf three days later. Because i was jumping so much with minimal stretching and i felt bad i was the only dude in the class so i felt like i was representing. You know to pee so bad. Yeah yeah yeah. He nothing better than a good by the way. There's still some in there. But i was like it's enough. We got a comeback whole area. A good p is That's not on here. But i feel like i feel like we'll look i'm going to improvise a little. I'm going to do some Pull lipton audible. What's a better feeling liza. A good p or a good laugh. Ooh that is good. Well one is mind. Fuck you james once. Relief and one is like adding onward. Yeah yeah adding one year. You're adding on by go. I would say a laugh. And that's i would say a laugh. And here's why a good p. Just get you back to a homeo- stasis you were fine then you had to pete. Now you're back to being find a good laugh. Leaves you elevated you. Think you were fine before the p. Would have i don't know i've had to hold. Ps i've been a very distressed way. You are normally is how you are when you don't have to be so you have to like if i twist your arm. It feels so good to let go. But i'm just returning to. It felt before it was twisting your arm and laughter is releasing serotonin. Wouldn't one follow up question. Okay what's better a good or a good orgasm. Oh that's i think i just had an orgasm wallpapering. That's how good it was. So can you have both. I mean there's some porn like that right. There's gotta be some everybody out there. It's the rule. It's it's called a rule forty four communities. Where if you thought about it exists as porn. Oh i thought that was like the name of the p. come category forty four forty four four chan higher. Yeah what profession would not like to do anything involving listening or math. I hate math. Anything where the hours a government job where it's like set in stone there's no room for innovation. You have to just report to someone any room where there's no questioning i can't do maso. Don't hire me. It'll be bad for you ever been able to do math. Always been a Making like ad. It's just never been a strong suit of mine. Not an interest of mine. Once i saw the quarterdeck formula live in the flesh in actions in action. It just made me feel who wants to do anything that they know. They're not going to use in the future. I mean someone's using it somewhere just the quota formula. Someone must be using it. I think it was just made up to pass time. Yeah just get under our bridges. Kids keep them from their first choice. Schools. i mean should. I would have dropped out. I had it not been for Question okay if heaven exists. What would you like to hear. God say when you arrive at the pearly gates everybody was wrong and we made a mistake. It's amazing i didn't even have to think about great answer you thought about. You were perfect. And everyone would like to apologize. Awesome one of the best answers. We've had elisa slashing slasher is her name. She's a triple threat. Now you're more than that. How how. I'm gonna name my threats. June twenty third. I don't know this'll go out but oh go out shortly before the movie or maybe after. That'll be up to your team okay. Thanks but We'll time it right. Because i felt like this was a good a great chat but a lot of good stuff about the movie which i think is imperative. This was a great interview. You are such a lovely interviewer and thank you for actually supporting me. I think it's rare in hollywood. You know take your friend that actually can like come through and like so. I do appreciate you having me every view of us. Thank you does. And let's not skip over your sweatshirt. real quick magic. mike live. Show in vegas. Did you go to it when you walked in. I wanted to open with that okay. Here's what happened yet. A couple specials ago. I had a joke about channing. Tatum i think i say something like two hundred mile. Holidays unlike channing. Tatum stick of butter. And then i called it back in another special by the way. He's with mongrels. Sandy right now in the dominican republic. She'll know exactly where they're and one day it's actually in my highlights on my instagram. Actually it should. I pull it out of the picture. They just post it or he posted. Just us me him the By get service in here. of course i don't have. Yeah what do you want to go to my instagram picture of you to. it's better. I pulled up his instagram. Just like i don't follow him. I follow no. You have.

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