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On seeing guys knowing my swing more more and more in depth knowing when i'm not feeling good great at the plate how to fix it fast now that but but you can just feel good for week we can happen you know sometimes you feel so good up there the next day you come in you don't you're doing something you realize i'm doing and just to be able to consistently go back to that same approach and trust and that's trout without a meeting on being hot going into the break and trying to stay that way coming out some great teams in the last few weeks we've got a tough schedule coming up we got open coming in for four go to texas great but when i was astros so this next week we can have be they test for us we're looking forward to take one game time trying to win the series that's what we've been doing lately you know winning games when the series and obviously you know the record showed for cousin braves each at two players in the nationally starting lineup catcher wilson converse and shortstop haver by as representing chicago the brace will send first baseman freddie freeman and outfielder ronald okunola also named in l. starters diamondbacks second baseman kiddo more day rockies third baseman nolan renato dodger's outfielder cody bellinger he had this on what it means to be an all-star definitely special it's going to the all star game but i think to be a starter in all star game just makes it a little more special so i'm really excited for it and thank you to the fans that voted for yeah under major league baseball new system fans voted for players up until last friday top three finalists each position both getting promote leagues moved up to a runoff election and after all votes were reset to zero conducted wednesday and thursday now brewers outfielder christian yelich led the national league with over nine hundred and thirty thousand votes he had this for out of means awesome honored to be part of another all star game definitely appreciate the fan support not only here in wisconsin from burs fans and milwaukee but nationwide and exciting to cleveland house two years in milwaukee to all star nods give me a sense though of what it's like having a little bit more expectation this time around considering what you guys did in the postseason last year what's the expectation like going into the all star game and into the second half i think as a group we have the same expectations last year just wasn't as much in the news but with the guys in there we all expected to do it we did last year Not much has changed, obviously, a long way to go, but goodbye. ready for the second half great battle in terms of votes in terms of productivity between you and cody bellinger this year you guys were facing off in the last year people understand what type of talent you guys are but what does that been like kind of going back and forth and kind of relationship you guys had if any at all yeah i mean he's he's been great this year unbelievable player great athlete like you said even Going out of the house last year. scraped to see happy form and talk to him a little bit about it throughout the year we're already done playing those guys but the check in be the same for sure players who didn't win the vote will have to wait until sunday afternoon to learn if they are reserved pitchers will also be revealed during announcement on e._s._p._n. more from the baseball bunch on deck as the cubs new closer makes his debut in the mets closers the latest from the new york penn to give it up highlights when sports that are all night returns you're on e._s._p._n. radio Well, this is about fortunes right now. There's a lot of dysfunction kind of taken place. This is a game. To do that. more sportscenter allnight next baseball golf the pinnacle of.

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