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Tell CBS news that forty percent of the world's jobs will be replaced by robots capable of automating tasks Kaifu Lee, telling sixty minutes that those who drive for living could be most affected in the fifteen to twenty five year timeframe, yelp is out with its top places to eat in twenty one thousand nine list, a German gastro pub in bend Oregon called bangers and claim the number one spot tender smoke Smokehouse in Celina, Texas, Chow pizza, pasta in Chelsea Massachusetts. Gyro mania in Santa Clarita, California and broken mouth in LA ran out the top five for the ranking the reviews site considered both the quality of restaurants ratings and the volume of reviews tech report Larry Olsen NBC News Radio by people who have interacted with special counsel. That we should be prepared for him to release a report that has anti-climactic on the he's already look he's already done a lot. He's already gotten more than thirty indictments the president's inner circle his campaign chairman, a convicted his national security adviser indicted, his personal lawyer. So much is already been there. But on the central question of did Donald Trump or anybody in his campaign coordinate collude with the Russians in their effort to meddle in the two thousand sixteen campaign? We have seen zero evidence of that. No, we'll we'll we look Manafort has has been invited because of his personal corruption what he has done. And we know there was this revelation that he gave polling data. There's no indication that Manafort either knew of or helped the Russians in their efforts to hack into the DNC emails, John Podesta's emails, or that that massive internet campaign to undermine public the public discourse. Now, of course, the view could not handle this in the co hosts immediately jumped in and said, but wait a second. Wait a second. The FBI was investigating whether Donald Trump was a secret agent. This of course, from the bombshell New York Times story released on Friday evening that to me says volumes more about the FBI and its priorities. What prompted the investigation about. Whether Trump really was a Russian agent y the firing of FBI director James Comey within a week and a day of companies firing. Deputy attorney general rod Rosenstein appointed a special counsel as Carl has reported and has been reported elsewhere in the days since this time story was released. There's no evidence that the special counsel picked up on that FBI investigation. There is also been no publicly available evidence. Even though pretty much everything. This special counsel has been doing has been leaked in some form or fashion in a way, that's detrimental to Donald Trump that would suggest that Trump was actually the subject of a quote unquote criminal conspiracy investigation. Now, he's very obviously the subject of an obstruction investigation. But it's very likely that there's no evidentiary basis for criminal charges. The president can fire subordinates that is part of his constitutional role as head of the executive branch. The president can weigh in on investigations that's part of his role. As the head of the Justice department. The attorney general the deputy attorney general the FBI director, and yes, even the special counsel all report to him. Unless there is some action that would directly undermine an investigation. The president has wide latitude with respect to what he can do in that investigation. If we're seriously trying to argue that he is requested James, call me. Hey, I hope you can let this Flynn thing. Go is evidence of obstruction. That's asinine. The president could have simply said to James Komi in the Oval Office or anywhere else in front of the world. I am ordering a shutdown of this investigation into Michael Flynn. And nothing could have been done. What Karl is been reporting is accurate. When there have been actual charges related to some sort of Russian conspiracy to influence, the two thousand sixteen election. The Justice department has been very careful to make clear that no Americans were aware of this plot. Yes, Americans may have interacted with Russian GRU agents or whatnot posing as other Americans trying to so the seeds of discontent in the United States. But they didn't know they were interacting with Russians. They had no idea that these people weren't who they said they were that was made clear in both rounds of indictments Rosenstein in his press conference announcing the charges that there is nothing in this indictment. Now Trump opponents have said well, dad nothing in this indictment. You just wait you just wait this signals, a fundamental lack of knowledge about how criminal conspiracy cases. Are made none of the Americans. None of the members of the Trump administration Trump campaign, or what have you have been charged with being part of this criminal conspiracy. If Paul Manafort was supposedly the point person he's sharing polling data with his Ukrainian contacts there pro Russian. Oh my goodness. Carter page never criminally charged. He was supposed to be the Russian stooge. Remember, George popadopoulos. He was supposed to be the point of contact with his meeting with this. Joseph miss food. The professor who is promising access to the highest levels of the Putin government. He wanted to arrange a sit down and he had dirt on Hillary Clinton. Donald Trump junior this meeting at Trump Tower all of these were supposed to be points of contact with the Russians. Right. Well, how come all of this was supposed to be planning the sharing of information hacked materials and the disruption of the two thousand sixteen election? How come nothing ever came of that with respect to charges against these Americans against these Trump associates on the actual question of criminal conspiracy. In order to prove a conspiracy you need to first prove that the conspiracy exists. In other words, if you want to charge someone with criminal conspiracy. If you want to charge producer, David I with undermining w I s said, you need to first prove that Dave, and I were part of the conspiracy the charges of undermining the election have already been passed. So if say the prosecutor here, Mark Belling files charges and determines that Jay Weber and his producer. Greg were in on this and he charges them with a conspiracy, but gets producer David I for lying about what we knew about what Greg and Jay those two shifty characters were up to we're not part of the conspiracy. By virtue of and and this is this is a big mistake that people make well, Dan, George popadopoulos was charged with the smallest crime possible. And it was held over his head that he would be part of this criminal conspiracy. He would be charged as part of the criminal conspiracy. If he stopped cooperating with Muller, that's not true. Same goes for Michael Flynn. Another suspected point of contact between the Trump people and the Russians had there actually, Ben contact had there actually bene- conspiracy in order to do the job that Muller was hired to do prove a criminal conspiracy. If one existed the easiest way to do that is to get Michael Flynn, get George popadopoulos get Paul Manafort all of them if possible to plead guilty to be in part of the conspiracy. The fact that they didn't means to me there's no evidence that a conspiracy existed. There is no evidence. Also that Donald Trump has done anything in office. Aside from the fact that he wants to butter up Putin. I believe to be able to get an agreement with him. Remember, Trump is working on pulling out of Syria. He wants the rest of the world to essentially, take control. Now, this is being seen. Oh my goodness. He's giving away Syria to Putin. I personally disagree with this strategy. I come from more of the Neo conservatives strong on defense in the wake of nine eleven. That's when I came of age politically. I firmly believe that we do need to have a presence not a permanent police presence everywhere in the world, but in troubled regions, and there is no more troubled region than the Middle East. There is no more region that poses a direct threat to the interests of the United States at home and abroad than in the Middle East. I believe we need to have a strong military presence there. President Trump though, despite his desire to work with Putin on combating radical elements and terrorists within Syria has done nothing over the two years of his presidency to suggest that he's in Putin's pocket, in fact in response to the twenty election interference Trump administration issued a whole bunch of sanctions. In two thousand eighteen and actually 2017 they sanctioned a number of Russian oligarchs inrushing corporations for violating non-proliferation laws by supporting weapons programs in both Syria and Iran and also working to undermine US interests in dealing with North Korea. In response to Russia's actions in the Crimean peninsula. There were sanctions against a hundred individual Russians and firms March of two thousand seventeen remember Russia used a military grade chemical weapon in the UK to take out a suspected Russian spy. Trump administration ordered Russian consulates in the US closed sixty Russian intelligence officers booted out as a result of all of these sanctions, the Russian ruble has fallen dramatically. It's down nearly nine percent against the dollar. As part of this. The United States says prevented a number of companies from partnering with Russian interests in offshore oil properties. And in quite possibly the two. Biggest signs that President Trump is in fact, tough on Russia. He approved the sale of lethal weapons to Ukraine. Because they need to combat Russian advancement through the Crimean peninsula. And the possibility that they're going to continue to advance in disputed regions. You might remember in response to chemical weapons attacks by the Assad regime. President Trump ordered airstrikes in Syria. Those actually killed. Russian mercenaries. Moreover, the US says increased its troop presence and military readiness in eastern Europe increased training and drills with NATO partners, and quite possibly the most significant move of all successfully pressured NATO partners to spend much more on defense in direct contravention of Russian wishes yon Stolenberg the secretary general of the NATO was on the Christiane Amanpour show over the summer. Allies have heard his message loud and clear on his strong message on defense spending is having a real impact just since lost time person. Trump will set in Brussels NATO meeting lost may. European Alison condo have added. Forty one billion dollars extra for defense funding. So we have turned a corner before the trend will start on the this really going up. So you tell me does all of that does NATO increasing its funding for defense by five percent based on President Trump's admonitions to sanctions for the past two years on Russia direct attacks on Russian mercenaries in Syria. 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