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You can still have a good time out there but you know yeah you gotta be careful so yeah i mean and that's why they told me the detroit fireworks they do them real early 'cause all the all the surrounding towns and different things like that have there is on the fourth of july 'cause i always go why don't you just do it in the fourth of july yeah this is also the season where we're going to be hanging fireworks at night just randomly because all the set them up a it'll be solitary and you'll be like what's that noise oh yeah it's fireworks season and people just firing them off on the tenth or eleventh or something yeah yeah yeah just wait a minute it started last week they tested him out because you you see the tents and some some of the parking lots out there firework tits and everything but those are the crazy ones no people go down to that that that crazy state down down north down south and they buy the real ones and come back with them yeah yeah tends to have smaller ones even put on the side and it's like a small firework install cool but you know it's it's not the real deal you know if you will so but yeah i mean you gotta do what you gotta do to to have your time but like you said you gotta be careful with it so that's what it's all about i'm just look i i'm not crazy about fireworks i don't have you know i did one year they had the big waterslide come to i don't even know if you remember that or you know about that but on state street and i mean we went down the water slide we went down twice and line was huge dough man yeah it took a few hours to get there but we got there everybody's always in the line for those things so that was kinda cool for the fourth of july weekend yeah when i just went and bought some stuff and we just this weekend was young so she's fire she was just happy with fire get a little sparkler and she ran around with it yeah and she didn't he was coming down towards the hinchey throw it at me why why she's thrown at you would she daddy and she almost like burn me man what are you doing but yes i mean and then one year i mean i don't even know what went up north one year it was just hot and.

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