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From the pursuit of one's own desires away from those things into an acceptance of what God reveals to us is what we need to do. That is first and foremost repent and believe in Jesus Christ but truly I would say that that repentance becomes the the lifestyle Christian as well if we understand abiding sense of the fallen this of our nature in this life and the fact that though we have been positionally made holy and sanctified in Christ there is the experience of for the pursuit of holiness within our within our own experience with the Holy Spirit leading us to do these things. Yeah there's nothing new about people saying that repentance shouldn't be a part of what we're doing well we're proclaiming because of the fact that that is so offensive to mankind. That's one that's one thing we've been seeing that in in evangelical for a long time. What concerns me is that I'm hearing that within quote unquote reform circles. There is this rise. The idea that we shouldn't speak of repentance. I I suppose maybe some of these folks have never read. Jc riles holiness. God or something I don't know but and then even the conversation that you're not truly reformed if you are holding to this to this verbiage of repent and believe and I just want to make sure that I was on base with it. You know it seems very silly because it seems like an oversimplification that repentance as merely just change your mind okay. I can get that. I can get that part. But what exactly is the result of this? Change of mind is changing on that leads to a change action because we've been changing heart So that's where I am with it and some people said to me. Well you know you have often said that the Gospel is not suggestion is a command and the command is repent believe. That's what Paul Preaches on Mars Hill. That that's fundamental as far as I can understand Calvin and the reformed certainly I understand. I can't do that apart from grace. I get it and I get that that Romans eight says that the individuals not the individual is still going to flesh cannot do what is pleasing to God and submit love. God I get all that but I don't know who the elect are right and so what what. What message am I supposed to communicate to? I am to communicate them to them. God's command to repent and believe and I have to leave it up to God as to who's going to respond to that to that commitment right and so you know I've I've heard Just winding down with you have heard the argument that people to repent. They're going to do that. Anyways will the same can be said about believing There's no need to do that. Both of those are granted by God. Believe ten believe in the argument that from that it sounds so silly well. At the time he's speaking to the Pharisees and at that point they did not believe in Jesus was they need to have a change of mind about Christ and believe in him. Well but but but I think you get that from from Paul on Mars Hill. I think you get that from the well. Actually there are places where repent and believe is just generally delivered to the people. As a whole. Not just the Pharisees. So there's many things that we have to repent of including our traditions. Yes certainly rejection of Christ but it is a general reality that if you accept a reformed anthropology that all men of sin or rebels than they need to repent of that sin. Yeah there's an official and then of hearing that. Why would you tell somebody to repent? They're going to do that. They believe any ways. You're telling natural man to do something. They can't do well whenever you tell them to. Believe you're doing exactly exactly so you're trusting the spirit of God to work the miracle regeneration moment or the other. Yeah and then on top of that. She had taken consideration that God commands all men everywhere to repent there. And that's a command that I think we have to consider and still carry out so Dr White. Thank you very much for answering this I I will go on record to say that I do believe that it is still repent and believe the Gospel Dr White. Thank you very much for taking this. Tom And Ladies and gentlemen thank you for listening. If you were by this conversation. This is James. Watkins led the five Solas podcasts..

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