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As well. There's a quality control party. I Guess Cardi B.'s. Like one of the people with On the label. Whatever they stripper party? I'll give you the name. It's the million dollar bowl. They're expecting a million dollars thrown in the air for these strippers estimates. have it around five hundred strippers. Participating in this video came out. I could barely call some of these women. Strippers they were doing. They weren't even working. I don't know what they were doing. It was a mild shiver at best and hoping to get money the throne on them and then there's other videos where people are sweeping up the money into their pants jeans and purses taking home and at the end of it all strippers are saying they left with one thousand one hundred dollars for the night. I don't feel bad for them. I I really don't like going and flying somewhere to strip for the super bowl a month. Five hundred other people. I say you get what you get and especially lazy strippers. But I have the worst strip club etiquette. What was the vibes like? I don't know if you partook in like you know going just taking out the scenery grab me some wings or something from a strip venue down there. But I'm sure you saw people walking around. What was it like down there even at the parties where people really trying to spend money or was it that? y'All I'm here with the weekend the fake flavors and the strippers got a point. There were people not don't any dollars in disturbance out there starving. Now hoping for a buddy pass to get home all right so I got a story to tell but I'm GonNa hold that. Oh I I didn't get taking any of the wildness. Believe this million dollar Bo was add. Live in my right. Was it live. Oh I will look at what venue it was at all right and live had to have the best marketing because the super bowl letter. The Roman numerals were live so the easiest thing should be printing money so I'm assuming assuming it was there but correct go ahead and look at them creamy but a friend of mine who longtime ago is the event coordinator live and so so. If that was their devante happened to be there after this baby mama incident. He was unpacking unpacking money to throw and it was like I've seen video this. It was insane. I didn't I didn't go. I was busy working. You like official Super Bowl media events which was like a bunch of lame journalists journalists some cool people but for the most part. You know it wasn't like wasn't super bowl right so but there was a hybrid in Miami because like when I had to go from the Convention Vegeta- center where all the radio super bowl activity was to like we're bleacher. report was which was like a win. Would wherever you could see. Actually actually you could smell it like between the strippers and the fate goal. Like you could spell it all on the air. Everybody was down there floss in and it which is a big mix up so I can only imagine what it was like with the royal rumble of strippers. Because some of y'all get tossed out. I saw a couple of. You'RE GONNA make it to the end some. Oh you had no business being there so I'm not mad at anybody who went down there hoping that we're going to get paid and left with eleven hundred dollars. Look eleven dollars is more than a lot of people left with the Miami. So that's what you get so you got someone you. It was expensive to hell to get there now storytime since partaking this. I'm going to tell you guys about Party that I went to where money was getting thrown around what my etiquette was so few years ago several years ago once a Memorial Day party in Vegas and with Wall Dang In a bunch of people von Miller was their Shar Lewis. was there a bunch of the people there. It was at like light. Or One of these clubs can't remember So has a table get a table. Come in the table now while Jerry user cheap for stereotypical purposes they don't like to really spend money but they haven't table earlier in the day. We I think they went Kendrick. Something like that can't remember. We all went out. Goes this club. And it's insane Suwalki in money's falling on us and I'm looking around and my wife is actually with which is crazy but with me my sister-in-law's with me mold videography from Jay z's lifetimes has had to be like six seven years ago. It was like when welding was an all star. That's how long it was and the party's going money's flying through and I'm looking at my wife lives looking at me and it was like money on the floor at our feet and she looks at me. She's like yellow. We suppose like just leave it here. And I'm like I don't know and like von Miller got the table behind us and he's throwing money like everywhere girls going nuts. All this stuff is happening like here. This goes act like you've been here before and she's not picking up the money so I'm sitting there and I'm like damn man like all my joe. Oh I mean I'm not broke but I'd be a fool like if you walk down the street and just see money on the phone you know. Pick it up because you gotTa Act like you've been here before fuck that so all standing there and this is the breaking point for me laws. Throwing money got a bottle his brothers there. My boy amp is there like would drink drinking a lot. So money's falling from the sky and they're like some pimp comes only so it was like he's like the windfall money there was like a five dollars billions on my shoulder and I'm standing there and look at it and I'm like what am I supposed to do this army now wall. Dang plus the five dollar bill off my shoulder looks me dead in the face and says get money my brother that was it from that point on all bets were off we scooped up when dog are. We came away that night we bow our rack. This is all thanks for blue all day if I see him again. I don't know if you remember. Who Does this regularly at the club? But yes the brother saw the five dollar bill. He put it off my shoulders. Get money my brother. Put it in his pocket and all bets were off from that point we you know we weren't like scrambling to get the money but if somebody like fell on you sweep boom boom get it. I sweet step on one hundred dollars you step on. Get that I'm like. I'm time shoes. I'm GonNa get you know one hundred up. We left the club at least Iraq at least at least Iraq. They have the worst strip club etiquette. And it's all well. Yeah but I don't care. Listen I am married with child. I am a grown man and I could give fuck with anybody else. Thinks about me picking up money. Because if he's doing if Blue Wall Dang is taking money off of my shoulder and putting it in his pocket say no after like eighty billion dollars worth of contracts this probably before those but still this is right around that deal with the Bulls before he got traded to my Miami or before he went to the Lakers. Whatever it happened but yeah so for me see what I see stuff like that and I see people like when I see stripper say only came away with eleven hundred dollars? You could have just picked the money that was feet at some point in the club instead of trying to act like you been there before now you act like stuck at the airport down trying to figure out. You won't get home so I guess they sweep it all up and then they got a split it for one hundred five ways. He's couldn't be me. There's no way he'll that if I work at a strip club and I'm a stripper and I'm stripping and all of this. Money is flying my way I went for somebody else scuba to give you my half. I'm getting Margaret. Now right now. Anything in this radius is mine. Try to take you. Don't we waiting tables we strip. I ain't no rules to this shit. Give me the money Behan now. Archaic does any Security Guard trying to take the money right if I was a stripper. My Song when I stripped would be biggies. GimMe the loot strip clubs at all. Not at all but that night if I'm a bad one I'm playing Gimme the loot and somebody in Tim's throw a bunch of money and I'll be like thank you. Transparency transparency drains all for taking the money from strippers. All right. Let's I don't throw money at strip clubs. I have have a firm. I throw five dollars all night policy so I go. I get five once I stay away from the stage so I'm not forced to throw money and occasionally girls doing something very very phenomenal on the poll. I will go up there and they won dollar on the stage and then sit back down knowing knowing. I can only do this five times all night. So you really gotTa Wow me. There's oftentimes and leave the club about two dollars pocket. Why because there? It wasn't five five girls worthy of getting a dollar that night so I I have strict plan. I don't get dances. No loud dances in the back. No boom boom rooms. None of that for me. I did that once on like my bachelor party. The first one and it was ridiculous. Yes I said the first one is you. You know multiple marriages but yeah I spent like four hundred four hundred dollars on a chick but to be fair she was like six one like to fifteen. Just just beautiful just but muscular not China muscular but Brazilian or something. She can take all that money. Oh she spent it well so since that day I don't throw money the strippers you know they come sit on your lap and like hey they converse I'm the master at talking to strippers out. We'll talk about Yo their life plan and all this stuff. We have interesting jobs. Obviously they always want to hear about our jobs house and then you look up forty five minutes later. Oh So do you WANNA dance. No no thank you. And then they're tight and they walk away because conversations isn't investment but I'm Kelly. I didn't know this about you. You're a you have a stripping whisper and you cheap that's all that's good as cheap as they come in the Strip club. Yeah for what for what I go to that is. Free dancing on me is free and at this point in twenty nine thousand nine hundred. I've seen twenty in one. Twenty two twenty twenty women irregular cubs have less on than women. Extra Strip clubs. So what are you providing me. And he damn showing.

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