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Marie take a deep dive into american share consciousness. It's wednesday september twenty second twenty twenty one names jack. O'brien ak i'm all out of come my see it has no value. I know you were right believing the q. Drops at least obama. I heard her infected. I can't be too late to say that. It was the vaccine. That's courtesy of johnny davis. Little all out of love the original lear. and i'm thrilled to be joined as always by my co host. Mr miles plays and then discuss trends. You living in the dark. For here's some street workman's i'm not phased only here this an if even in your garden you know that you can were party and when you won't potting well you need them on in on the dvd and shout out the tiny dave this on the discord he said you working on a montero aka you know just keep them coming yeah just keep 'em common Thank you for that one. Got me a reason to whitman. Tara song is that does that montero. A song montero by your name is is that called. Montero's it's like one of those songs were. I know what it's called. There's a parenthetical involves the whole montero parenthetical comment there. You go okay okay. So we were all right robot children. Well miles we're thrilled to be joined in. Air third cpa very faces on mount sinai more. She's a hilarious comedian. An emmy nominated writer all around brilliant artists who co host. The bechtel cast and hosting created the podcast. My year meant Lalita podcast and actually cast which digs into the cultural history and legacy of the kathy comics. She is brilliant. Vote talented jamie left some morning. Feeling light league giddy. Pack up sunny and flee. We're about to hit this city before i leave. Grabbed my wallet and a couple of tom's 'cause when i leave for hot dogs i'm gonna have some. I'm done talking. About ben near is near as no time for is cleaners because this wieners wieners. Tough those bonds up all chris. Hamburgers can miss me. I want those furthers grew on onions. Mustard and ketchup. Saab if you wish. Tuck in hotdogs. I got i was so long that from ankle brew at the underscore brill breeze through the breeze. The contributor really brought the heat today did it daivs wieners. I thought i thought there's gonna be. It'd be a hockey reference to go in tween irs. But i was project. Oh maybe some some new england hockey lord interject there but no summer of wieners wieners. Always how did this summer. Weiner street you oh it was It was good. My body is i would say basically recovered and i have to kinda jump in for round two soon but people who don't know what we're talking about. Whoa house. this summer of wieners has yeah. I've just been having a ton of sex. No i am have been working a book about hot dogs for a couple of for basically the summer and we were traveling around eating hot dogs everywhere all over the country and just been like talking. Thank you about hot dogs for several months. This same stretch of months. Where a study. Speculated heavy on speculated that eating a hot dog takes away thirty six minutes of your one human life every time you do it the summer eight like two hundred fifty hot dogs. But wow digress. How much time does that give you at this point. Are you down to essentially a time traveler. You did how many how many hotdogs did you say you think you eat is around like two hundred. But i i need to do the whole time. Thirty sixty minutes okay. Only like a week. They lost right there right. I mean low thirty two hours. That's one hundred and thirty two hours. Okay so it's like fuck it. You know who who gives you an also. Sarah something something serotonin extend your life. It's kinda gravy. Exactly it it all comes. That's about five and a half days of your life. Apparently that you lost by where. I went up to two worth it see. I also fully think that. If i looked deep enough into that study it was funded by like big lettuce or something like who. Did that. study how you arrived at a figure like that lies all lies brunner's i was gonna say he was gonna say it speaks a lot to jamie's Where jamie's at that. She thinks the primary competitor hotdogs. Lettuce do like you know the thing the two things that you make a salad out of either lettuce or you know hotdogs. The chapter one food spectrum to the left lettuce and on the other end the hot dog. We all expect of lettuce hotdog. And i'm unfortunately just fully a hut the one hot dog One of my first memories is actually a hotdog experiment myself where i was staying with a babysitter and she was like you're going to have three types of hot dogs. We're gonna grill them. We're going to boil them. And i forget what the third was but yeah. I was like five. Re hotdogs like all different kinds. I remember one being a little bit burnt and And then i threw yeah. Did you get a hot dogs. Oh i didn't say. I didn't like throw up from the taste. I think i just it was too much for my. My dad also had like a. I like very interested in how everyone has a story about hot dogs. Even if they don't think they do where like my dad. Also i was like well. What's your hot dog memory. And then he was like nothing and then two days later he told me the most like the weirdest read about him. He's actually league.

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