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Percent shooting. He's making zero point six out of two points teams. Just let them seems letting sue, but I want to go back to the conversation because I don't have Sardinas my favorite right now. What he's doing right now is incredible. Was it? He's average of forty points less than. How's he not your favorite right now? Jane, January fifth because Janas has been doing what he's done all season law. I think that if we if of course, James harden continues average forty he's gonna be that guy. But the reason why I still think that Jaanus is my every p is because you don't get to have those gains with John is because they blow everybody out they blow their last couple of games last night against the hawks. They were forty two fourteen he plays. He played nineteen minutes. And then the game before that they went by thirty the game for that. They went by seventeen. This is some information that I didn't have previous when I was just talking about supporting case. But if the year having these type of game games than I do I have to go back and apologize to Derrick for what I was saying about supporting cast, then if he'd playing nineteen minutes and doing that. I don't think Jantar nineteen this differentiates for me, the most value play is in the words. He's a most valuable player. Go back on what I said. Then there. I apologize. Then you was right because we've seen. Leasing the bugs come out and win without Yonathan against he's miss. He'd be they'd be the raptors without your angle. What if? Playing coed and also play that game. And what I'm saying is James harden loss, arguably he lost Chris in laws airborne RB there four player he's still paying off best. But. But that's what I'm saying that you can't take James rockets team had them be successful. He has to be there. The NSA has to be the two he is. But I'm just looking to talk about the number one team in the league right now. Like they're going to need their stars. Well, does Chris is Quinn Cuenca bedroom and Chris motor?.

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