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The U.S. labor board has filed a complaint against Apple in New York City for conduct in its World Trade Center store. That is the word from Bloomberg by way of 9 to 5 Mac. The communications workers of America or CWA is the group bagging a push to unionize apple's Grand Central store, they appear to be behind the labor board complaint as well. 9 to 5 Mac has Bloomberg saying the complaint followed to CWA filing, alleging that Apple interrogated staff restricted the posting of union flyers and required employees to attend mandatory and to union speeches. The conduct took place at Apple's World Trade Center store in New York City, a CWA representative, set in May. Two shows were turning to Apple TV plus this month got new trailers this week. Coming up toward the end of October as season two of Acapulco starring and executive produced by eugenio derbez, Apple says the bilingual comedy tells the story of 20 something Maximo Gallardo whose dream comes true when he scores the job of a lifetime as a companion boy at the hottest resort in Acapulco. Their baz tells the story in flashback with his younger self played by Enrique arason, the first two episodes hit Apple TV plus on Friday, the 21st of October following episodes will hit one per week through the 16th of December, the trailer for season two is up now on YouTube. The other trailer presents a few problems. At a press release, Apple said the problem with Jon Stewart will hit this Friday. This season we'll tackle topics, including gender, taxes, globalization, elections, and more. Quoting apple's description using comedy and common sense, the series feature is tough, topical, and culture moving conversations from the perspective of stakeholders, experts, and individuals confronting these issues. Season two, episode one hits this Friday, the 7th of October, new episodes will follow one per week. You can also catch that trailer on YouTube. And finally today, 100 million songs in your pocket, but only 200 lock screens, lame, not really, should be plenty. As a piece for my download blog puts it, iOS 16 won't let you create more than 200 custom lock screens on your iPhone, but who in their right mind would want to cycle through that many lock screens anyway. Trying to create screen number 201, apparently prompts the message wallpaper limit reached at that point you have to delete at least one custom lock screen before creating a new one, according to the report. Also, each lock screen has a limit of 50 wallpapers, wait a minute, a 100 million songs in your pocket, but only 50 wallpapers, lame, on today's daily observations podcast from the Mac observer. JPMorgan Chatterjee said earlier this week that 5G was one of the biggest drivers for iPhone upgrades this season. That prompted a bunch of questions from me, which I threw at RCR wireless news editor, Peter Cohen. Predictably, that led the more questions. Here at all on the Mac observers daily observations podcast online that Mac observer dot com or wherever you get podcasts.

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