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Call a Yokich yoga Chaz it in the front court joker. Throws it on the left side over Tory. Craig jumpers on the way that one's no good. Rebound comes down to Jichao outlet pass over to Chetty Osman. Osman brings it back out to the top. He's inside the arc. Now. He has a little space those left side of the corner to Clarkson for three jumpers up in. And back. The other way comes Denver Mason Plumlee set to check in at the next whistle for Denver Channing Frye. Gonna come in for Cleveland down in the paint is Jamal Murray. He'll take a fifteen footer jumpers. No good. Rebound comes down to Jordan, Clarkson Clarkson, has it up the left side. He throws it over to Oscar Osman, skipped past a Sexton. Head fake on the three runs into Yokich backs him up and takes triple that. One's short rebound tapped and grab by the week. Beasley in the front court is the colour Yokich Beazley's quickly across the timeline. Throws it to choker at the elbow being guarded by Jordan Clarkson, that is a mismatch. They double team Yokich has a skip pass over to Beasley had fake on the three gets down the lane leans in. Layup is up in in there. In the league at ninety five to sixty six twenty nine point lead Sexton, hands it off the awesome. He'll take a contested three early in the clock. That one missed a narrow it is triple double for Nicola Yokich his six of the season jokers. Got it nineteen ten and twelve. And many had Paul Bill sap streaking down the other way through it was deflected out about twenty second career triple double by Nicola Yokich. Dan, Mason Plumlee comes into the game with Wilburton, Gary Harris. And Denver basketball underneath which Maria. Murray looks in. Throws it. Over the Plumlee in the paint. Plumlee throws back behind him over to Yokich. You'll try it three. Off the back of the room. And no good rebound tipped around. It goes out of bounds. Last touch by Cleveland. Denver basketball with a fresh shock lot. I would imagine that Jamal marina Kolio catch. Those guys are are not going to be playing too much long. And they shouldn't be honestly, this has been a crazy stretch for Denver. A lot of games in a few days. They they need to be resting right now. And we'll get that after this game. Yeah. I assume.

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