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If you want to get in, we will have some time to get to you folks in just a minute. I promise. Big 12 media days have made their official predictions. They are out. We'll get to that momentarily. Mike Gundy, Oklahoma state head coach, all in his feelings about the future of the bedlam series. We'll get to that. As well here on the program. Again, 855-242-7285. You can get to me as well at brayden Gaul on the Twitter machine. More your calls in just a second. Of course, Nick de la Torre joining us here on the program from Gators online. Let's check in with Billy Napier and what he's doing down there. How many analysts do we have now in Gainesville? Officially on Billy Napier staff. It's just a running tally. And I'd be different by the time this interview ends. But yeah, hey, it's a gray area in the NCAA bylaws and these coaches will find a loophole wherever they can get it. And if you get an aids email pay for it, why not, right? Listen, I think if you're going to take some things from Nick Saban, I think Billy Napier and you tell me what you think about this, Nick. I think Billy Napier took the right things from the time he learned and worked with Nick Saban and is implementing them. He did it at Louisiana and from what I can tell. It sounds like he's implementing them at Florida. Yeah, well, I've been afforded ten years, so we've had some savings disciples come through and that's always the thought. Jim mcelwain came in, he had this 24 month calendar that he got from Nick Saban and it didn't work out and obviously Dan Mullen, he was not the same guy. But you hope you hope, I guess, because savings certainly the blueprint, but it seems to me that billing behavior has a plan because coaches have asked for two new assistants to help in recruiting and having gotten that and he was able to Billy Napier was able to go in with Scott Strickland and lay out a plan. Like, hey, I'm not just asking you for $7 million for nothing. These are what these people are going to do. So I think from an organizational standpoint and especially where college football is going right now, I mean, you've got recruiting, coaching, planning, now the transfer portal, which is like free agency and then there's like two different free agency periods. It's a lot to handle for a coach. So I think that Florida is probably maybe trend setting as we move into this new era with NIL and they have a whole division for NIL and opportunities for the student athletes there as well. Nick de la Torre joining us here, senior writer for Gators online. And what is the state of this roster? Because I think we'll see and find out how much Billy Napier was better at recruiting in his plan than maybe Dan Mullen, which obviously shouldn't take a whole lot. But what's the state of the roster that he is inheriting? We know how good Anthony Richardson is. There's a few nice defensive pieces. Where is this roster relative to the last 5 years? Yeah, I'm a little bullish on Anthony Richardson. I think he is, you know, has like potentially like a Cam Newton type of season in him. I don't know that floor does a national contender, certainly, but if Anthony Richardson plays, I think he can can border win ten games, maybe. I probably pegged them with their schedule between 7 and 8. I think they have a really good offensive line. They have three strong running backs and a quarterback who might be the best running back on the team. When you're 6 four two 40 and you can run 20 miles an hour. I think that's what they're going to lean on. If you look at building 8 years offense at Louisiana, last year, they had four different players carrying the ball a hundred times. I think you'll see that because Florida strength will be offensive line and then the running attack on defense, my big question marks are kind of right up the middle with defensive tackle nose tackle. There's not a lot of depth there. You have ventral Miller and middle linebacker who's returning for 6 seasons. But last year, when he went down Florida really didn't have an answer and you don't really have an answer this year if he were to go down with another injury. So I think for roster is good, there's just not a lot of depth. And that's probably what happens when you get coaching staff that had a recruiting season in a football season for the last three years. Nick de la Torre joining us here, Braden Gaul on the Paul finebaum show here on ESPN radio from Gators online. Our Gators fans more would they be would they view the win loss record as more important than where the recruiting class finishes or are they all in on the recruiting class right now? It's right now everything's recruiting. I think after ST media days, you know, you start to flip the switch to the football seasons. But the sky was falling and Gainesville a couple of weeks back when January. I went to Miami and there were a couple high profile 5 star guys that one went to Georgia one didn't include Florida in his top four that Florida was trying to trending for. But they've done a really good job picking up 6 four stars on our rankings in the past two and a half weeks. So recruiting speaking up, I think it's a pendulum though. If you go 7 and 5, but you look competitive and you first are the top ten class. I think fans are okay. If you go 7 and 5 and there's some blowout losses to Georgia at Texas a and M, if you lose to a Kentucky or a tendency and you end up with a class outside of even at 15, your outside of the top ten are in the top 20. People are going to be pushing a panic button. And I wonder now in this age of the transfer portal, I used to be a big advocate that coaches needed for years to get their recruiting class in their guys in and still their program. Now is the transfer portal. Is that leash shorter? Because you can see what guys like Mel Tucker have done at Michigan state. You don't need four years. You can go and it might be a band aid in the transfer portal, but you can get guys in and be competitive right away. So I think it's a pendulum for the fans it's a hot topic in a sense of area right now recruiting after the last three years. But I think it's probably a pendulum and it depends on not just the wins and losses, but how do you look in those wins and losses combined with the recruiting ranking? Yeah, as long as they have a winning record and a top 15 class, I think everyone's going to be going to be fine. What's interesting? Tell me what you think about this. I feel like Dan Mullen is a perfect coach. To live and operate in the name image and likeness space because he's not he's like spurrier in that he's not a guy that wants to go out there and just like, you know, beat the pavement to recruit, but he's got a brilliant offensive scheme. I mean, clearly almost beat Alabama multiple times. No one else came close for a couple of those years. It did Dan Mullen just come along at the wrong time or are there some other flaws that we maybe need to address? Damon is an offensive genius. I would put him scheming up against anybody, but at some point the Jimmy's in the Joe's are going to be your ex's nose. And the way Florida was recruiting against their rivals. And listen, it's hard. You could be, you'd have a 7th ranked recruiting class in the country and before in your conference. And that's what Florida is going to be compared to. What are you doing against Jimbo at a and M? What are you doing against Kirby at Georgia what are you doing guys Nick Saban? So the problem with Dan was they weren't getting the same guys that Georgia Alabama to an extent at times Tennessee tech saying and we're getting. So now your game plan has to be perfect and has to be executed perfectly because there's a talent gap. So that was the biggest issue that I had, I think, with the amount in his era. And I don't know that he would have done any better than Billy Napier with an AL. I think with the way that Florida is handling it and I say this, it's like, there's rules for NIL right now. But if I'm driving a 110 miles an hour on the freeway, and there's not a cop around, I'm breaking the rules, but am I going to get in trouble?

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