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The national museum of African art the national postal museum the anacostia community museum and the national museum of Asian art will be closed The Smithsonian says it'll reallocate staff to other museums to keep them open for the remainder of the week The number of COVID hospitalizations has jumped in Maryland to more than 1800 and county executives are weighing how to deal with the surge And rental county executive Stewart Pittman noted the number of COVID patients in county hospitals had doubled in just a week to 134 and that hospitals there moved to crisis levels of care but he won't declare an emergency because the county council holds that authority Stay tuned I believe that if their next meeting next week they'll be discussing that issue Pittman said he won't impose a vaccination mandate If you end up shaming people into doing things given the politics of all of this you get a certain amount of pushback In Frederick county where coronavirus cases have also hit record levels county executive Jan Gardner says she's asking for that county's board of health to hold an emergency meeting Thursday Kate Ryan News Pfizer and Merck have new drugs aimed at helping those who show symptoms of COVID but a local doctor says they come with risks and you have to act quickly The two new drugs have to be taken within 5 days of symptoms appearing You need to recognize that you have COVID You need to go get tested You need to get the results And then you need to find a physician to get to the drug all within the first 5 days Doctor Glenn wortman director of infectious diseases at med star Washington hospital center said that the drugs have been shown to reduce the chances of hospitalization or death from COVID but only have taken early and not everyone will need them If you're 70 and you've got multiple medical problems you're at high risk for a bad outcome especially if you haven't been vaccinated Now that we bonk to you TOP news The CDC has added three destinations in Europe to its highest risk category for travel The CDC is now advising against travel to Malta Moldova and Sweden which have been placed in the agency's level for COVID-19 very high category They join other level four countries including France Germany Greece Italy Spain and the UK There is a new phone scam going around that it involves one of the best known companies in the world Amazon Scammers like to impersonate the company because unless you're living on Mars everybody knows the name It's a way to get you to let your guard down Your first clue something's wrong is if you get a.

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