General Manager, Browns, Barkley discussed on CBS Sports Radio


Having skepticism is pretty warranted at this point no i don't i don't necessarily say i have full confidence in them i don't know if anyone could say that at this point considering you know his draft record with christian hackenberg obviously just one mistake but you don't get as a general manager three or four of those mistakes you know you have to hit on one eventually and if he doesn't hit on this pick it's pretty clear he's going to be gone so he needs to have this guy the guy for him that he takes it number three i was looking at it if the jets stayed at six there probably would have been three quarterbacks off the board so that would have been the fourth quarterback available who knows what that would have been on their draft board but if you look at it now they move up to three you have the browns and the giants in front of them so gets me to wonder we'll three quarterbacks go one two three or we'll saquon barkley go do the browns the giants in the first two picks what are your thoughts on that i think it's possible the giants could take him they could trade that pick they obviously have a lot of power would that pick right now because there's quarterback navy teams that could potentially want to get in front of the jets go to number two so giants can do a bunch of things with that pick saquon barkley obviously considered a generational talent so that's a possibility but you know the jets obviously we'll take a quarterback there and worse things come to work for them from their point of view they get the third quarterback and obviously mike mccallum feels good enough about this quarterback class that he's willing to take that third quarterback meek date down slater with zach yelp show cbs sports.

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