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But if the kids are going to deal with these injuries for this long, and they're sitting what five six games off the pace aim with Boston. The other got some work to do because Tampa Bay's a legitimate team the team with the most wins in all of baseball. Since the all-star break at twenty eighteen is the Tampa Bay rays more than any other team more than the World Series champion Red Sox more than Houston more than anybody not going to be a pushover. So we'll see what happens, but it's possible that the Yankees are ready might be setting themselves up for wildcard situation rather than winning the division. Along with the Yankees and Red Sox. The cubs have struggled out the gate, obviously, different reasons for those three teams struggles which team do you think this start is more of an indicator of what they will be throughout this season. I'd have to Enke's because the cut him socks. Just don't have those injuries insurance. You talking about the cubs. They do weaknesses. I mean, you can't just paper over them. The pitching is definitely concerned. You darvish. I I, you know, I don't want to step in the box Darvish I feel like he's Ricky Vaughn for major league right now. Yeah. Every. So there's on green Benji. Great. So that's a problem to the bullpen. You know is not where it should be more hurt Edwards. You know, had so many problems that they had to send triple eight iron out his livery, which was a little too legal. I mean, these are problems. So there's all of that. But the position players are still young in. They're so good when you've got by Rizzo and Bryant and Canada at all these guys it just goes well for them to be able to make a comeback on the position players. So I I think the Red Sox are still positioned to be a playoff team cubs are a little more skeptical. But the Yankees are the ones that I'm really worried about just because there's a lot of injuries. They're talking to Joanna Carey you can read his piece the thirty coming off red hot weeks raise an Astros rides to the top on the athletic breaking down the AL. And I'm actually curious you mentioned already in this interview Tampa Bay, but the Mariners should we still be excited? Should we be just waiting for the impending doom? I think we'd take the excitement wherever we can get it. I don't know that it's gonna last but even talking about the marriage being legitimate team. Right. I mean, nobody expected them to be good at any point that season one loans to start the season and they've been fun. And I I think the guy you got a point to as the king of fun over there are old friend, Dan Vogel Bach. Former Chicago cop, of course, Kyle Schwab. Heavier double ganger granted. Now is is very so. But at the time local block was a bigger Virgil short, which is very hard to do. But he's coming. He's come along. I mean, he's really produced so far this season with Seattle. He's had some good minor league numbers. But always struggled with he went to the big leagues. But if they just kind of leave him alone, he's gonna shot at it. And that's a good thing about being rebuilding team. Right. Whatever happens this year any good stuff. It's just a bonus. And they could rod guys like local Buchan just let them hit. They don't have to tune a guy like that. You don't have to do anything. They could just say you have a chance now because we didn't invest in this club. We traded away canot Andy as a million other guys, and we feel like this year, we're going to rebuild..

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