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The sound Lost your man. So the great young MC missed a big fight to get his poodle groomed. Not miss the miss hearing news fake fight. But I did I did hear from him in time to to step my DVR because I know it'd be out of town. You get a kick out of that you are truly a fan talking about man card violations. I remember the first time I met you came up to me. I was doing and remote. I think it was a staple center the forum or something you came up and said you were a fan, and you listened I couldn't believe it. I was star struck as listen to that look out there listening. i'm listening now i do so many shows like in the middle of nowhere in canada that i turn on the wifi and go to n._b._c. sports radio and invariably it's on the weekend like east coast time and it's late and and i'm listening to you so trust there i i'm still still a fantasy listening to la the great young m._c. joining day smith you at n._b._c. sports daddy garcia sawn porter last night kind of a welterweight eliminate or a lot of great stuff happening now i it'd be interesting to see how you add this when score going on twitter and fight people i know people are there about fifty fifty on this and who they think wanted to draw might have been a good call i would say that danny garcia looks stronger like the i don't know if i would have given the second round the of you know how they went to four six puerto at one three five grocery i think i probably would have given the second ago right garcia seem to have a mental for about the first four or five rounds and importer started turning in five any really turned it from from eight to twelve for me so i could see it's real happening but i will say that danny question seemed to get weaker like his punch it didn't affect quarter as much and portas punches were definitely affecting him once you got past the seventh round i tell you errol spence is the real deal when you think back to the eighties that great era of welterweight say he is a windmill from dallas texas in the ring and i think the best welterweight in the world now they're talking about him fighting this is the problem with boxing young m._c. they're talking about him fighting porter nex and then keep thurman and then talking about some other names and the name of the guy he should be fighting i think the other great welterweight is terence crawford but crawford his name never came up last night because he fights on a different network and as a different promoter And that's the thing. I don't know why I will spend wouldn't be fighting therm. That's the natural fight that should happen. Yeah. Right because speakers beat everybody else. So why why are we gonna do what Portas beating the same determines already? I mean, why Bala aerospace is being the guy that Thurmond's already be. You know, what I mean that doesn't make any sense to me because it's not like like thermos getting any younger, you know. So it's kind of silly. But but you are right but Crawford is the guy, but there's nobody on HBO for him to fight. You know, you hear you're probably move up a couple of weeks officials and get a couple of belts. If if he's not gonna find anybody for PPC, see, this is the problem, you know, back in the day, Don King and Bob Arum hated each other's guts. But they they love money more than they hated each other. And if it was a big out there, and they could they would work together to make a big fight happened. And they would do it all the time. But now the so time against HBO on the different promoters, and these guys just refuse to work with each other. And it's bad for boxing. yeah there's and the thing is is that i i consider myself a pretty good sports fan and i keep my ear to the ground i didn't know i didn't know i knew that was going to happen i didn't know when and like what you have seen you know when you have si fights gonna happen they go across networks you hear about it all the time but with boxing it's almost like a secret for the inside fan that's my boxing needs a commissioner like dana white and the u._f._c. the best guys go up against each other Yeah. No, you're right. You're right. I think that would be a good thing for it. But that was great last night. I think Puerta did win. It'll be interesting to see what happens, you know, from from here on with it. But, but you know, it was it was more competitive than I thought, and I and I was surprised at how strong sandy Garcia was at least in the beginning. For the first time in a long time. Young MCI joining day Smith with NBC sports radio. We got some buzz in the heavyweight division. It's probably been about twenty years since the Tyson Holyfield days when there were some real buzz, and if we could just get Deontay wilder Anthony Joshua in a unification fight in the ring against each other. But again, same problem different promoters, the network thing, and they're just having a very very difficult time coming together and making a deal. Well, let me ask you something day. Did you honestly think Deontay wilder can hurt Anthony Joshua? I think he can hurt anybody. If he hits him he has crushing power Deontay. He definitely has a lot of power. Definitely definitely has has great power. But I honestly think that Josh award hurt him more than he would hurt. Joshua that Klitschko fight was no joke. Let's go almost got him knocked out. Let's go strong as a bull. I think puts close go stronger than even even throat advanced. Thanks to me a strong wilder. It's not gonna be, you know, Burmeister furnished standard piston. yes it it's going to be a little more active than that how about tyson fury coming up next against the auto wilder in london fury when he fought clips go you know mugged and he made faces in iran and slapped one a really really boring decision that's what's going to try to do it six feet nine and two hundred and seventy pounds against the pay wilder he's going to try to slap and ron and hold and get him out of his game but i don't know just after all this time off and the big weight gain i just think deonte is eventually gonna hit him and get him out of there no he's he's no he's definitely gonna he's definitely gonna hit them and it's because i think i think he's going gonna be fighting like bremen tried to fight him and and i think that that is while it's going to catch him in droplets because why faster they quit go was and all that and also the advantage the while there has this he has the critical film crisco had no film to look at this is how tyson fury is gonna fight me why has that that chris go from okay this is the way the types of fury is gonna fight me now you're a big fan you're born in england right young m._c. yes sir so you're british eastern north london i wanna stay there you go so you're british citizen as well so you pull i renounced it when i became an american i guess i could have i could've done dual but i never i never went back i only went back for touring when i was like an adult so so i wanted my american american citizenship and that claimed it so you pulling for you pulling for jocelyn wilder if they fight Oh, man. I'm pulling for a good fight. I mean, I think I think Joshua would win. But if either one wins, I'm just hoping for a good flight great. Great talking to you again. We're out of time flies by when we do this. We gotta do it. More often. Make it a hold of me. I'm I'm not sure in spot. So you know, people could see me out on the island in ninety store. And I'm opening for snoop on the twenty ninth in Dallas. All right. Some shows got some stuff going on. But I love love to talk to you soon again. All right. Jerry goes to great young MC, Craig stuff..

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