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Host around the country, big stations reviewing the stories and so each week 52 weeks a year to come up with a story list. Top 10 items and we count those down here with the review Thanks to the work of Jennifer Horn, who does the TGV program with me and Victoria Keelan. Also those mornings and care away. And I noticed your co host Brian Wimmer, who does the camera leaving Whitman. Him, too, was an inspiration for the new late night host on W A. B. C. Yeah, my friend. That's my friend Frank Murano. Started out. Listen. Yeah, he would listen overnights to Brian in New York. Now he's doing overnights. He actually Frank is a producer for a while. It was a producer for Joe Piscopo and Curtis. Sleep well for years as the Salem affiliate in New York City, just made recently made that move to W B C good guy. There you go. All right, so that's a little bit of trivia about talk radio. Now into the story list. Jennifer Horn is here is I said Victoria Keelan is here. As I said. I'm Doug Steffan at number 10 go to you for this one Victoria to start with the Facebook political ad policy being set or just generally, a discussion of social media. How biased and the question about whether you get your news there. There are all kinds of questions about social media. They continue to pop up, so apparently this is getting a little bit more focus. Yes. Well, this has sort of been a big week. Facebook has a player. I consider it to be completely useless policy. They said that the week leading up to the election, they're not going to allow any political ads like what does that do? Nothing. Twitter had kind of a big week. Because as the president came, came down with Cove it as we all know he was at Walter Reed. So Twitter had to remind everybody. Hey, you can't wish bodily harm in anyone. You cannot wish death on anyone, regardless of who it is. You can't say you hope Biden gets Koven. You can't say you hope the president doesn't recover. Whatever it is. They have been cracking down on that. And that has been their policy. That's not new. That's actually been Twitter's policy since the beginning, so but this this week, a lot of accounts were taken down. A lot of people put in Twitter jail and, you know, just in general people saying really horrible, nasty things on You know, against both candidates and You know, I'm happy The shooter stood up, so I think they need to do free speech. I had a tweet censored. I think I don't know if you can't. You can't wish death on someone that I did it. I actually was just responding. No, I No. I actually had this instance this week when I was trying to post a tweet because Michelle Obama released the video this week where she talked about 20 minutes Basically about President Trump being a racist and my tweet was simply this. Michelle Obama just reminder as to what Joe Biden said about your husband. I took the direct quote as to what Joe Biden said about Obama being inarticulate, clean African American whatever, he said for the first time. And I put the direct quote up there, and I said Hashtag fact check and Twitter kept pulling it down. I tried to post it eight times. I showed it to my mom. My mom is like your calling Michelle Obama races. I said, I am not I am saying just a reminder. Here's what Joe Biden said, and it would not end up until alone out of proportion. That was not what he meant. And Obama at the time, said I have no problem with Joe Biden was. It's what he said. And should Twitter be pulling, But that's I think the secondary issues what you said. Victoria. The primary issue is is there free speech there or not? And apparently because it's privately owned. They can do what they want, too, And there's a gray area. It's not just that it's when you sign on. You are checking the box and you are agreeing to their rules. This is not a public platform. This isn't public access TV. You are signing up and saying, I'm agreeing to Facebook's rules. I agree to Twitter's rules, and that's a violation of the rules. All right, So there's do the some of the groups that air of focus in here. These right here are the so called right wingers. Not sure that that's a fair way of describing the but anyway, this a group that was thinking about capturing are anarchists. They're not right. So let's make sure we get that right there. Self described anarchists, so there's some malicious group or whatever they call themselves. Did they get where they fed? If you really had sustenance by some of the stuff that said that on Facebook, Yes. No, right. So, no, I don't think I don't think anybody knows. I think it's Facebook. Khun turn you into an anarchist. You're pretty stupid. You know, I mean, really, I don't understand why they're block political it Well, no, but I don't understand what they're blocking political ads Because how dumb are you? I mean, right? That's why I say that makes no sense to me a week before the election, right? Exactly. Right. Next up number nine on the countdown as we work our way toward number one. Our relationship with China and Russia. Thought it was pretty interesting that the lab tests on Alexei Navalny my pronouncing it correctly, now the Russian opposition leader. Ah, a nerve agent. In fact, So do these sorts of things. Do they impact or affect our relationship with the Russians or with Putin? We all know way have a different we seem to Take the Russians more lightly than we do The Chinese. For all we know the Russians and the Chinese could have created. They could have been in on the corona virus together. You don't know that They weren't You don't know that they weren't trying to To disrupt the balance of power in the world. The Chinese certainly made no bones about that, and the fact that we still haven't there's no policy. Speaking of foreign policy To get American companies the hell out of China and the back whether it's back to America or someplace else I don't see other than Trump. I'll give him that. He's the only one that I've seen. That really is working toward bringing at least a certain sector. The drug business back to America, But there will be a focus all of that car part you name it. Wait. We need to start with our pharmaceutical industry. We need to get that back immediately. It's ridiculous that we rely on for that. Well, we've made progress on that which is good. California is going to make their own generic. So that came a couple weeks ago and then in New Jersey, Mike why she's California do it by themselves. Why are there others? That's gotta be upon you. It's cuckoo, California They want to do it right on their own like they were separate..

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