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This is what it said with respect to both payments Cohen acted with the intent to influence the two thousand sixteen presidential election, he acted in coordination with and at the direction of individual one. Which is Trump those words caused the sudden shift in the debate over investigating the president what had been a two year long conversation about Trump and Russia instantly became a conversation about Trump and campaign finance? CNN said prosecutors are now implicating the president, and at least two felonies. Federal prosecutors in New York say the president directed Michael Cohen to commit to felony says NBC's, Chuck Todd Democrats, Senator Chris Murphy, at least two felonies. Implicated in two felony says anti-trump gadfly George Conway the husband of top. Trump adviser, Kellyanne Conway and so on. Representative Adam Schiff says there's a very real prospect that on the day, Donald Trump leaves office. The Justice department may indict him, Jerry Nadler. He says the campaign finance charges would be impeachable offenses because even though they were committed before the president became president. They were committed in the service of fraudulently obtaining, the office. So we fraudulent obtain the office daily. I don't really think that if anybody heard about the stormy Daniels thing really beforehand that they would have been surprised shocked four changed their vote. The Democrats failed to realize why they lost. It wasn't just Trump. It was Hillary. It was the person you nominated people think she's a crook people think that she's not very complicated anything she's ever done. And they also don't think that she would make America great again, they think she'd take the country in the wrong direction. It was your candidate your your far left wing socialist candidate. They got Trump elected not the Trump doesn't have attributes all on his own. He does it was his vision for making America. Great again juxtaposed with Hillary's corruption and left wing policies that meant the Donald Trump won the presidency. That's basically what it boils down to. And now we're going after campaign finance violations, which by the way, we've known about for almost a year almost a year. Here's my suspicion. There's going to be a no indictment of Donald Trump because this is not a crime. And they know it they got Mikey Durant to cop a plea to a non crime. So that he could reduce the harsh sentences for his real crimes, and they did. So in order to implicate the president and a so called crime that's not a crime. And now the left wing media is going nuts. And this is just another reason or another vehicle for them to try to make him look bad for them to try to wear rotas support for them to try to derail his policies and everything else. And it goes on and on and on not just the Democrats. It was all eaten up inside the FBI with a coup attempt to but they don't want to investigate that. They're looking at a non crime crime of campaign finance violations. We'll be back. We'll get your thoughts to one eight hundred six one eight Phil we're back in into. Never mind with the crazy left is trying to sell you in the media. What's really happening at the White House?.

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