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America is listening to fox news president trump is looking to get back on the campaign trail with big crowds he hasn't held a campaign rally since March but president trump is planning to restart campaign rallies in the next two weeks still to be determined where the rallies will take place and what safety measures will be implemented RNC chairwoman Ronna McDaniel so there's a lot of things that we can do to make sure that the safe that people want to get out and rally they want to get out and start campaigning and being part of this election for this president and the enthusiasm for him is through the roof the president looking to regain his footing against the presumptive democratic nominee a recent fox news poll shows the president's trailing Joe Biden nationally and in critical battleground states at the White House John decker fox news retired judges do today to provide arguments for why the justice department should not be allowed to drop charges against the former national security adviser Michael Flynn John Gleason was designated as friend of the court to make those arguments by the DC district judge in the case Emmet Sullivan simply guilty twice of lying to the FBI about conversations he had with former Russian ambassador Attorney General William Barr last month announced intentions to drop the case dismissal needs to be signed off by the judge and he has asked for counter arguments to consider an NFL star his new team help at a local high school played high school in Tampa Florida lost nearly eleven thousand dollars for the football equipment last month when a fire burned down the shed housing all the gear leading the Tampa Bay Buccaneers in one of their new stars to step up to the plate high school yellow jackets you're getting a brand new storage unit full body put me to replace everything that was lost courtesy of our foundation and the Tampa Bay Buccaneers foundation rob Gronkowski on Twitter joining up with the box through his foundation giving Blake high school a replacement shed as well Dallas all the new equipment they're receiving by the way an arrest was made in connection to the.

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