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Only the guy that that they keep around, so they yes, they've done a very good job of extending the draft beyond seven rounds and picking up guys and you know there is no eighth around. But if undrafted free agency is the eighth round, they've done a really good job in the eighth round. All right, there it is from Matty Naoko. Now we go over to Tim Ryan, who stopped by with Papa and one today. Yeah, it was fun, man. That was and I kind of feel like Were, you know the first game at home, and it was all different. First day on the road was crazy, different being being at Levi's doing it in the third game. I think we start to get our sea legs about us a little bit in terms of just How the accident was gonna unveil and you know, with all the limitations and all the injuries that this team you start season, beat up on on offense with the weapons and then kid, although goes down right away, and then the week to debacle of everything on defense and trying to figure out how they're going. Fill those gaps and man it was fun to watch it on Sunday at New York with those gaps getting filled and just playing great team football that and I just felt like it. We do you feel the same way Pop like we kind of started to get a little bit of a rhythm in terms of how this is gonna work. Oh, totally. And I first game, you know, just for more we're at. I didn't know how it was gonna work. I mean, we told the story last week about how the iPad you know, saved us because we didn't get to feed the feeds were up. The all 20 twos were better. We figured out the glare issue. We put some cardboard boxes up. It was Tim's great idea. It's still weird, though, on you know what I'm excited about is Sunday and at Sunday night football and I'm gonna be waiting all week for Sunday night. But I I was just talking to Bob Lang 40. Niners played three in a row at home. When was the last time it's like a baseball like a three game home standard basketball three in a row in baseball, you get it all the time in a serious but this is a great opportunity. And I know you know, going on the roads not is down Ting and being at home. It's not the advantage. It used to be to him, but After being away for a week and a half to have three in a row at home. It's highly unusual. Yeah, and you would. You would think that it's that I don't remember the last time that it happened, But you would expect the batteries to have more juice in him, for sure, with guys being home being with their families being back to somewhat of the normalcy in terms of the You know the protocol bubble They live in every day. But it's It's different than being on the road for a week and a half in and out in New York, and I get a lot of credit and the coaches in the game plan and the execution and, most importantly, the execution. And going going back their own one and coming back in two and one, and, you know, obviously, Seattle hasn't lost yet, but Right back in the mix with a whole lot of football left to be played. So you look at the next two, and that's where I think Philadelphia is going to be dangerous set on three. You look at their next two games. They're at Pittsburgh and then they've got the Baltimore Ravens. The team doesn't want to start on five. They've had injuries through the through the roof. But the same thing with the 40 Niners. You've got to come back and and build these winds and start stacking these winds one at a time when you look in the next two opponents and nothing's easy, but certainly winnable games. Setting up for the big Ram game in the third of the final homestand, But there's gonna be a dangerous team Philadelphia I don't care about all their injuries and yes, they're going to have an impact. They're going to try to win this thing on defense Pro. Has Johnny Linwood, It's gonna get crazy crazy. Hey, I know you as a former player, and there's there's a mantra there. It's next man up, but a lot of times. It's easier said than done, But we could start with that. We could talk about every position group who stepped up against the Giants. And while most people wouldn't say this, I would I think it was one of Kyle's most impressive wins because everybody who had to step up literally did Yes, and called the right place and getting the right guys involved in the game plan. I mean, I know he'd like to have run it better in the run game they stuck with with it enough, Johnny that it started getting cranked up right at the end of the second quarter and Ended up providing some points. But with that front and where they were challenged with A lot of new players on the back end of that defense with a whole new system. You know, the 40 Niners looked like a well oiled machine in terms of knowing what they're doing. No. One where the beaters are the quarterback being patient getting the ball out on time getting it toe to guys that were certainly part of the game plan during the week in terms of how they tried to build it. I mean, it was To me obvious, getting 11 the ball early in the game with a couple of touches and end arounds and then coming back out in the third quarter and And taking what the defence gave him but putting him in position to go make plays and pop. They move him all over the place for a rookie to be able to do that. After missing, you know the the opener and not getting a whole bunch of Whole bunch in in week two. He he's You knew it was going to beam or and you can see it coming to fruition. So moving him around and him been ableto handle. All that mental is I think kudos to him and then Kent born you guys and we'll go down the list of the guys that he got to step up Rasta. Well, he stepped up to the roof and had a bunch of big blocks on top of some big time catches and yards after the catch the running game Jeff McKenna and not just receiving And running, and he made big plays in both departments. But with the protection and then most importantly, the preparation and the execution of the quarterback. I agree with you in terms of putting all that together against? I don't know what the Giants were ranked fourth or fifth. Me and they played, you know, play the Steelers, and they played the Bears, who have certainly have had their challenges on offense, but For Nick moans to do that, with an extended period of time that he hasn't been on the field for real against NFL defenses. I thought it was unbelievably impressive, and now comes even a bigger challenge or a much bigger challenge with this Eagle D coming in and So much of it when you watch tape, Jim Schwartz, and you can link it upto back in the Detroit days and I did a lot of those Lions games when Jimmy was the head coach there. And Crisco Sarah came in is the defense of line coach and following Jim Washburn, who's legendary coaching You know, truly coaching all gas, no brakes with defensive lineman and those wide nines. Brandon Graham sweat Barnett pop their face master about six inches off the ground all their weight's forward. And they're flying off the edge, trying to box everything in and force it back to those to those animals inside in Fletcher, Cox and Malik Jackson, it's how he did it in Detroit. Within Dhammika NSU..

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