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Bunch of jokes about it. But we're not going to honestly like i w- we're not gonna do that. God good bad. Show on straight up with ross hemmer. What do you call a dinosaur. That uses him royd green. Why a mega sore ass. Phenomenology you get from a stripper with him royds. Why a prolapsed dance. that's sounds like a bull. Like the bullfighting boost sound defaming. Didn't it sound out how to refer to him. Royds how gays or for for how to gays gays refer to him. Roy no speed bumps mickey you. I'd suggest you attend a him. Royd seminar. But i heard there's sold out with sitting room only thank you so much. Yeah not well. Nicki listen i wish about well. It's like this very moment where you feel it. Wish your but well thank you. I appreciate that right now. i'm i'm sidetracked and focused on this podcast so it feels fine but Like i know at some point. I'm going to have to sit on the toilet and that's terrifying but i have done your metamucil each morning than that has helped me thank you. You're welcome but we bring the loons and do the luna press. They they wanted a press conference on your butthole any questions for nikki's butthole listener victor. Yes nikki sorry that you're hemorrhoids tainted your birthday plans but i'm kind of new to the whole hammered situation. Do you just get this randomly. H- how do you get the really question and thank you for asking because previously. When i have been like fifteen years ago it was because i was going through so much stress and i was on the road a lot I'm not stressed right. I'm actually quite happy in my life. But it's from lifting furniture at my leaky house. too much. heavy lifting will actually create a took originally victory. You better be careful what you're boho are you lift in your waves victor. Good can i ask a bitch. Outlet are you from by the way including From lesbian louise fanny gallup's news outlet. I bisexual gina. I am from nikki's lizard butthole esquire magazine dot com. This is extremely relevant. Have every single member on the case right now. My biggest question does this affect sex. No it does not. I'm happy to say that so you're able to have sex intercourse actually edge like scratch the edge and there no question if you do dog ear something one hundred percent. There's avoiding this fucking great and my butthole. So are you doing it that way. Ours strictly missionary while your your friend. You know what i think at this point. My mother is mortified. Right now. she's not. she's donna marie yeah exactly honestly think we. We are curbing the sex for the next week or so. Because nobody's got time for that. And when you when you when your boyfriend turns into dr motors. Taking pictures of things in you got this. I think they're kind of kills the mood so he's officially public turned off but i'll take care shutting him royd instagram story. So good lunde. What did we learn today. Do we learn anything today. You wanna mention really important to know. We learned that lisa lamp in elliot does not have a prostate. Thank you thank you victor. What else do we learned today. That she's lisa pinelli is having her oscar skippy tomorrow. Thank you so much. That's what we learned today. Hey if you want to do. Follow lisa lamp and nelly at least lamb lamp pinelli dot com loses with the dream. It's her podcast thera sanchez. Make sure you're supporting sarah sanchez. Call her sarah sanchez. nbc no h in sarah's time and go to nbc palm springs dot com to stream. Her morning show five to seven. Am pacific check out my interview on their website as well. If you want to follow gina gina. Oh if i n i o on all social media. Let's victor listener. Victor bella scott. The real scotty. Cookie elephants cookie elephants. Burrito girl is so chunky. That's our loons you can follow them. Cj did not get the chance to make it in today he was gonna pick a show to miss. Not listen to that length in la part obviously would have loved that. But i think he probably would not have been interested in my butthole. of course he would. Hello he's a human being with a beating heart. Nikki boyer you can just spot the grape and follow it home no you hand follow her at nikki boyer on also media talk it out coach dot com and diane for sex is the putting if you wanna follow him alone you can follow him at. It's mr malone and all social media automatic ten writer dot com book. You're eating now and it's gay gay gay gay podcast available on patriotic c. J. not on social media right now but his podcast is. Can we kick it also The show is hello. Ross pod and i'm hello ross on all social media i love you all and i want you to think about what we talked about today. If what you're doing what you wanna do. It never too late to change it. Which is why ladies and gentlemen. Is we go out. I'm going to stretch from my career. Market twenty twenty four. I will be a thirteen year. Old talk withdraw. It's straight talk with. Ross with tv's broth matthews and friends. There's mckee there's malone there's c. j. j. j. j. hip hip her eat straight talk with. Ross and our secret sauce it's friendship laughter farting and sex. We'd love days. we love buffets. Oh and we're not buffoons cause we love our loons straight talk with raw. Think outside the box if everything a podcast should be. I'm sorry about this song. I know that it's all wrong on sharda. Nee qua- straight talk with ross. Foxhunter is a new true crime. Podcast series from imperative entertainment. I'm your host sean. Kype join me. As i investigate. What really happened to eighteen year. Old rhonda sue coleman on the night. She was brutally murdered together. We'll pour through thirty years of lies deception and corruption to finally get to the truth in what i've uncovered leave you on the edge of your seat. Subscribe now to foxhunter. Listen wherever you get your podcast..

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