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Exactly like, you think this when you even need us if you can imagine what you think it is. It's that folks. It's that. Yeah. I really feel bad for. You know short of predicting this flavor. A couple episodes back when really didn't necessarily warrant the airtime. It's good though. It's good. I mean, it's kinda just like eating cinnamon toast crunch pasta. And a sense. I did get stabbed like in the roof of the mouth more than a couple of times. We'll try to take a particularly aggressive mouthful of it. I don't know if you experienced that. It's a hardier crunch for. Sure. I mean, this is what it almost your minded me of is a serial. That was out. I think in the nineties when I was younger called fingers, and it was extremely large pieces that were meant to be eaten with your hands fingers were designed to be eaten from not a serial shape container and your their hands. So they were bigger than traditional pieces that would be the perfect application of something. Like this. I wanna see mixed up in a check Smick style thing like pecans and chocolate. And and things like that chocolate is a is a big flavor that I think is missing from this that would really help to set it apart. Angry. But I mean at that point with like the fingers to can it really be like technically called a serial. It's like, hey, this is serial, but you don't get the spoon. You don't get to put milk in it. And it's basically just a snack. But we're calling it this and you're gonna like it fair. I wanna complain them. So that is delicious predictable there to other cereals that are will more. Curve balls. Watch tells those. So yeah, let's start with a a serial that is actually a pair of cereals. It's new pop tart cereal, which is sort of a soft reboot of the pop tarts crunch franchise that board was born in died somewhere in the mid nineties. So we have to flavors the classic pop tart flavors of strawberry and Brown sugar. Just like we saw over twenty years ago, but they're inside these pretty much replica crave. Shapes. If you've had that one it's it's very divisive in the serial community, everybody either loves it or thinks it's dog food. I believe these pop tarts face, a similar fate in that the biscuit shell is really getting in the way of the great stuff. I mean. Pop. Tarts crust is really good like it's really puffy and buttery and it kinda deserves better than this. It's almost like they just took a giant sprinkle and rolled it out like dough and wrap the filling in that. But just very one dimensional in that way. I feel like the frosting on a pop tart. Strawberry parts is like and Brown sugar to that point. Is extremely extremely specific flavor. How how close did they get? I mean, I would say the feeling of strawberry gets really close. The almost just take it a little bit too far because they don't have that strong. Containment vessel the flavors almost too powerful of like jelly strawberry. Whereas Brown sugar cinnamon is kind of like the opposite. It's it's got that flavor. But it's only just like right at the back of your throat, and you really can't pin it down. So I think the flavors are there. Just sort of the the depth perception may be off. In the back of the box, man. What a hoot I do. I do right marketing copy for a living. But I like to really analyze the back of these and some of the phrases on the back of this box are just a lot to handle let me give you one or two. There's fact sprinkles make everything more fun is that a fact is that a fact visit make taxes more fun. It's it's not even canonical, correct? Because pro sugar cinnamon pop tarts don't have sprinkles in reality, really. But the cereal pieces do. I don't know. Let me just give you one more to close this out his journey to the center of the crunch. And there's a comma there that wasn't that wasn't my dramatic pause. Wow. Filling. It's like it's like opening your Christmas gift, and you get all the wrapping paper off, and you go. Wow. A present..

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