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World. Ladies and gentlemen. It's no longer just about a woman's body. When there's another one when there's another body right there retargeting post birth now, not just about you can't tell a woman wants to do our own body here. Virginia governor around them. We're not gonna let you do. Well, what about the baby body there? Mama's. She's still has control over that. Based on. What does she wanted it to get more? Not. Okay, you go ahead and make the case you keep making the case. They're trying to cover that up though. Do not doubt me the stream CNN. Embattled northern tells cabinet. He won't resign. And he will because he going to be known as a racist for why he resigned, and so that ain't happening, bro. I quit and nobody's gonna tag me a racist. Pro-life ain't happening. That's why you're not you're worried about being tagged. Why because you're not worried about being tagged. Kermit Gosnell the second, you know, worried about what you're doing and advocating when it comes to life and death of human infants. But man, I can't have people think of me, and that that black-faced photo resumes. Hey, Robert Byrd managed to do what he's a democrat. He was a grand key goal in the Google, legal whatever and the clan, and he ended up being he praise, but the Democrats all the time Ralph you don't end civic could be tagged as a racist in your own party. Democrats aren't gonna do that. I got to sell it a whole party by knowledge, this massive, George Wallace type version twenty nineteen and running around polling. Data says that Ralph Northerns approval rating is nose dived amid racist photo. You don't think that his polling data may have nose dived because of his stated belief that making the baby comfortable and killing it after birth. Had some impact on this. Disgraced Virginia Democrat governor Ralph northern approval ratings taken a nosedive since his unearth medical school yearbook page was revealed, according to a morning consult poll. Forty eight percent of Virginia voters were dissatisfied. With the way nor him is doing his job. It was up from previous Paul just twenty six percent. Virginia voters disapproved of his job. Says here that gnawed approval rating is even slipping among Democrats only fifty percent of Democrats in the poll so damn proved of northern after the photo debacle compared with the seventy percent of Democrats who favored him before the scandal. Not a thing in here. About Ralph Northerns actual opinion on post birth abortion. The Virginia Democrats approval rating, among Republicans and independence even worse. A whopping seventy three percent of Republicans surveyed said they disapprove of northern performance. At forty three percent a independence. They were dissatisfied with the way he had been doing his job. I have to wonder how many of the people who've been pulled have even heard about his abortion comments because they're not mentioned in this poll. I'm telling you folks of media and the drive bys are doing everything they can the Democrats as well to cover up. What northern actually said fact this yearbook business may be the cover up? They had to come up with something. Now with the story, we got was that a disgruntled northern friend or med school friend or? Dr associate was so appalled by what north them said about post birth abortion at that person leaked all this yearbook stuff. Well, the yearbook stuff is actually serving as a fabulous cover up. For this guy's comments on abortion. And that's why sitting there saying if he can survive this five days, and if he's telling himself that the Democrats really don't want him to quit. In other words, everybody's playing a game here. The Democrats are saying what they think. The American people want to hear we're gonna kick our party. We can't have some guy running around his Michael Jackson moonwalked, we have one. That's everybody's saying what they're supposed to say. And but they don't mean it northern thanks. I don't mean it. They just they want him to survive. This. Because I'm gonna I've said this a couple times I'm gonna tell you again. What's frosting, the Democrats in this? I will guarantee you is the Trump survived access Hollywood and all the other similar type things they threw at him. And they're sitting there saying, look if Trump survives this. This is a new day, we Democrats we are not won't quit. We're not going to resign. We're not gonna fall on his sword that Donald Trump didn't fall on no way, there's going to be a double standard. And that I'm sure as what Ralph northern his thinking. Just hang in there for five or six days. Now, we got the state of the union coming up. That's tonight. The Democrats are going bonkers on Chuck Schumer has already rejected Trump state of the union speech before Trump's even given it. Supposedly, we know what Trump's going to say because the media has got advanced knowledge. Trump's gonna talk about unity and bipartisanship. And of course, the Democrats oppose that as Chuck Schumer is making plan. And then the democrat party space cadet, Maxine Waters is begging people not to even watch grab audio sound bite number seven. This is last Wednesday on the essence magazine website. And she's imploring people to not even spend the time watching. I don't even know.

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