President Trump, Democrats, Jeanette Whitaker discussed on NBC Meet the Press


It looked as if twenty sixteen was repeating itself. Democratic house victories were Amir trickle in the first couple of hours Republicans were winning big marquee racists. And we wondered whether Democrats would have to waive their wave goodbye, but five days later the election. Looks a lot like what we expected nationally. Democrats won fifty two percent of the house vote to forty six percent for Republicans and that forty six percent exactly matches President Trump's popular vote toll in two thousand sixteen by the way, the president's job approval rating and our final NBC news Wall Street Journal poll on Sunday forty six percent, which is likely to be it looks like the number in the exit poll itself store posters as of this hour. NBC news projects Democrats will win two hundred thirty one seats in the house, plus or minus five Democrats should end up netting somewhere between thirty five and forty seats. When all the votes are can we have about ten or eleven races still on call in the Senate Republicans. So far netted two seats in Florida too close to call with Florida headed for recount. And of course, there's that Mississippi run off later this month, President Trump reacted with a combination of concern confidence concern that House Democrats can now block agenda use their newfound subpoena power to investigate Russian election interference. And perhaps look to see if he's profiting off the presidency, and then confidence that Republican Senate will now have his back on those issues and approve his judicial appointments. Meanwhile, Mr Trump signal that he has no intention of is slowing his assault on the Muller investigation sacking immediately. His attorney general Jeff Sessions within hours after the polls closed and choosing as his acting Jeanette Whitaker who oversee an investigation he's openly attacked, but it was the growing realization that Democrats at one a sizable victory on Tuesday that seemed to have the president rattled. Couple of seats. Doesn't matter. It doesn't matter President Trump acting embolden but newly vulnerable is attacking the institutions which could hold him in check claiming election fraud in Florida without any evidence. And all of a sudden they're finding votes out of nowhere. Although I hear you tell me accusing zone of electoral corruption and even asking whether it is time to call for a new election. Mr. Trump Banda CNN correspondent from the White House while threatening to pull access from other reporters could be others. Also, when you're in the White House, this is a very sacred place. He also threaten House Democrats who made their biggest gain since the post Watergate elections of nineteen seventy four and will now we'll subpoena power in investigations into his personal finances and contacts with Russia. They can play that game. But we can play better because we have a thing called the United States Senate, Andy. Mocked Republicans who refuse to embrace him. Carlos Bella, Mike Kaufman. Too bad, Mike Mia love gave me no love and she lost most consequentially less than twenty four hours after polls closed. Mr. Trump fired is attorney general replacing Jeff Sessions with loyalist Matt Whitaker lashing out at reporters who asked if he wants his new acting attorney general to rein in Robert Muller's Russia probe stupid question that is what a stupid question the president denied is relationship with Whittaker on Friday Whitaker, but just a month ago. Whitaker's great guy, I know Medwick as a political pundit on TV Winokur is said Mr. Muller's investigation could be turning into a witch hunt and floated ways to weaken it, it's a scenario where Jeff Sessions is replaced it with a recess appointment, and that attorney general doesn't fire Bob Muller. But he just reduces the budget so low that his his investigation grinds to absolutely almost Missy Wittig..

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