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Even in the month of July. One of the things we always talk about is we come off the road that first week say this kind of soul, and then we come back up their second week. We're always talked about who's approved who better this weekend. They did last weekend. So we talked about that all the time. That's all the guys we've got thirteen active players today. We'll start practices afternoon saying, hey, everybody can just get one percent better that might be a little bit more effort be a little bit more coach -able being a little bit more disciplined of everybody can just get one percent butter that our team gets thirteen percent butter. So, you know, I'm no math major two point five guy. But I know everybody gets a little bit better. I came gets better two points up on me to three. Doc, did you actually graduate of Indiana. In the Anna. They gave away degrees. Drive down the snow. You went to. Hi did do that. With the man the man make you go to class, brother. I'll tell you. What I I when you go to Texas Tech practice. It's an experience. I just I truly the way the way your kids brace practice and embrace coaching. It's not like that everywhere. And you talk about that one percent for everyone. It's not a choice. It's the mandated. It's expected. It's you know. Everyone's accountable for it, but your practices, and that's the one thing about now that we're not coaching is we chance to see everyone practice. I can sit what your practice every day coach. Thank you. Means a lot to we have a lot of fun to think. Yeah. You know, along the way, I know I know this when the players come back we've had Canaan Evans, Zac, Smith Zaire even came back this summer for couple of days. And you know, we all hear that thing that guys wish they had one more game. And all that. But really what they all wish they had more practice, you know, one more time to get out there and compete on. And you know, it's one thing Tina told me today just kinda different that that level. We don't even kinda misses a competitive way ago coaches getting on your like we do in college. So we do enjoy practice every day. It's sacred to us. We told the guys all the time. You only get a certain number of these like, you know, they give you thirty practices. But it really it really. Isn't that to get ready because you got the two scrimmages you got the two days before scrimmages, which always light. And you got the one day before the start. So when you really look at it, you got about twenty three practice start to see them missed obvio-. You know, you might get seven or eight bracket. A month. Depend on how your schedules laid out. So we do have a chance to get to work. I thought that we all enjoy continued success. Good luck. Chris about it over notice. How fast guys like getting off the phone with us now, usually they love us come on. Dude. I know it football coaches, always hit you with whatever, you know. Go eagles. Go wears an Indiana. They're gonna football coaches thing is Leo love each other. So when every interview Leo, okay? How about how about how about the guy much champion day? He did he he said he didn't know it was election day. Why don't coaches think they have to let everyone know how hard work. Or how dumb they are. I mean, they sleep office. And I didn't know his election day the off why now. Office. I'm sorry. That is stupid. I got why would you just drive home ten.

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