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And that's been the frustration for a lot of people for a long time. And. We've constantly looked at Mike McCarthy, and what we hear is this frayed relationship between the two and the organization that had Aaron Rogers on an absolute steal of a deal at felt like the last few years because that's what happens with these quarterback deals. They reset the market, and then a few years so many other quarterbacks have gotten paid that we look at theirs and all the sudden say well based on what the cap does. And the other quarterbacks this is more affordable. And we looked at Aaron Rodgers as someone who is on a deal that allowed his team to do things that they didn't. Now, we sit here and say, you know, what they've gotten rid of Jordy Nelson his favorite weapon they've gotten rid of quarterbacks coach Aaron Rodgers really value. But now we look around and say, well, all right. Devante Adam seems to be Morphing into a true number one receiver Aaron Jones at running back free. Aaron Jones, by the way, seems like a guy that you can rebuild around in this run game. You have maybe the two best hackles and football. Maybe the guys in Kansas City, would would certainly throw an argument into that. Those guys I think improving obviously, Eric fishers guy who's gotten paid like it. But. I don't think is on the level of David Bach Yar who might be the best left tackle in football. You've got an offense of group. That's rolling. You've got a defense that you invested so many picks in on that right side for the first time in a while Green Bay seems like a place that might be finally giving Aaron Rodgers that support. Now, we it's to be determined. Whether that's going to be too little too late or not the NFC. We know is stacked full of talented teams that are getting better. Philadelphia loads up gets golden Tate at the trade deadline starting to look better. Seattle's metamorphosis, they're changed this offseason. Looks like it might finally start to be bearing fruit the entire NFC south. You can throw in there. But man, you always got a chance when you've got Aaron Rodgers and the way he's playing that knee continues to hold up and he's looked healthier in the last couple of weeks. This looks like a team that for the first time in a while might be deserving. If that's the thing, and the concept is deserving is a hilarious one. I can dispute for you. But for the first time in a while, it seems like this Green Bay Packers team might be supporting Aaron Rodgers in the way, we all looked. Thought that he deserves? And last podcast. And we got tweets coming in about a ton of different topics that we've covered so far today infinite content tweets in referencing be Maryland football program. Jane James Brady, the chair of the board of regents that recommended DJ Durkin be reinstated. He stepped down yesterday after DJ Durkan was let go the day prior and infinite content tweets in the coach knew nothing and was negligent duties, or you didn't ignored the issues either way had to go and obviously DJ Durkan. We all thought based on the findings in the report that deemed the program, not toxic despite having all the traits pointed a DJ Durkan someone that yes was at worst best negligent and at worst a catalyst for the environment. That makes all this stuff and James ratings guilty of the same thing of being charged with making a decision in the best interest of the university and failing in that charge. And when you fail that way. You've gotta go Jeremy Johnson. Tweets in. If you see f goes undefeated the season and win New Year's Eve bowl and top teams end up losing. Can you legit support their claim for back to back national champions UCF last night got taken to the wire? I don't know what the final score at a being they started pulling away at the end of the fourth quarter. But temple a team that has struggled especially out of the gate this season. But started looking better as of late took him every step of the way last night in a game that involved absolutely no defense, which is the theme. Collagen pro for last night. No last night showed me that defensively..

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