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Think appreciate a little chase at home, let's say, if you're looking for one to maybe sneak into the frame up and take a chance on Tommy Baskin. Tens? Ten to one. 8th generally, so have a word of colleague and I think what do you think of that idea of mine to play this in the without market instead? That's interesting again. You probably are going to need to appreciate it. Possibly to not perform to the level that people are expecting into. To have a chance of the wind elements of that component. Which obviously will do seem quite confident in the number ones campaign. I think that's significant from that stable anyway. I got a message the other day from somebody connected to William Williams. I'm obviously not going to say who it was, saying that they can't see him beaten. So take that with a grain of salt, but that is what has been said. Right, the mayor, we're going to touch on this briefly. Obviously, once 6 times, Willie Mullins has a phenomenal record in the race. Not only 6 with Quebec, but then Glenn's melody, from mag, Benny did you. So he's one of. 9 times? 8 times in total. You've got Gordon Elliott with apple's journey. Jesus. Willie Mullins, ridiculous. Dan skelton took it, his horses brutal form as well at the moment. Maybe he's starting to bounce back. He had a couple of winners. Recently enough, but there's an awful lot of them ripping beaten a long, long way. Honeysuckle obviously won this race in 2020 for Henry's bromhead. And Denise foster took it, which is essentially Gordon Elliott last year. So Ireland have an incredibly good record in this race and dominate the betting. The market is headed by the cheltenham festival winner in the mayor's novice hurdle. Tell me something girl, which I'm a little bit perplexed by, to be honest, concentration doesn't run. Royal kahala, for the fighting, could go for the stairs, stormy Ireland. Of course, you know well, sorry to rob ring that out. But bring up a storm did enhance the form of her childhood victory by going on to win at linfield. Queen's brook has been talked up quite a bit by the Elliot team, burning victory, went to the other day, is around about 6s as well. So it's a tight bedding market and we're only going to touch on this briefly because we're talking about the championship races, but essentially there's a great one. What's your overall opinion on the race? Yeah. Tell me something girl, I probably tend to agree with you. I think she's probably chosen for what she's actually achieved. I think even though she hasn't won this season at least on too much wrong, she was worse off the weights on both occasions she was conceding ten pounds to the winner. And a list of these a bunch of sound on a reappearance and then she was given 5 pounds to roll Carla who won the grade three 11 Christmas and she was given 8 pounds to have and helpers who finished second. So she comes out to that race best at the weights obviously royal car, the front perform. By going on and winning the Galway head. I could see a field thing she was about full on this race at this stage because the way the weather forecast doesn't look like she's going to get the deep ground that she needs and would imagine she needed really testing ground to be run over this two and a half mile trip as opposed to this day. And so she was dealt for on a concert that everyone I would think was a human. And she's gone for the mayor. She's going to maybe it seems out that she's an I think it's the old bet factor, and it's also William's bingo. Absolutely. Let's not forget William's bingo is at the height right now in the 7th of March. That leads on to then possibly been a victory, as you say, TB Greensboro recently. And of course I had to queensborough run quite well. That was a first off in a while. It starts the season of the fall and doesn't look too bad now. You're back to the festival two years ago. She was only. Unappreciated in the champion book, but she obviously rock solid piece of form now. She seems to struggle at first aid pills overhead as the last season, but slowly began to want to, but she still likely raised and obviously the one thing she has no favor there is that key piece of form with the boy is I always like to look if you can get a graded form in an open company, I think that's a huge positive. Tell me something girl hasn't got that. Just to be deployed in a point to point, which is yet to really mix it with them in decent company over hurdles. So again, stormy island, that'd be a positive here. As you say, the last time we seen an issue, she won the real deal hurdle. Cheltenham on New Year's Day when she was upset, but it was still getting down for us, whether she would prevail, but even so she's finished in front of my fabulous guard Georgie installed on citizen fairly smaller piece of form. And she want to similar grade.

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