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The naughty list is to be used only to encourage children to spire to be nice and should never be used to scare the nice into thinking that they are. In fact, being naughty. Anything less is not in the spirit of Christmas. So tell me conductor. Honestly. Do you think what you are doing is in the spirit of Christmas? Yes, I can't agree with you. Then if you are going to ban holy from Tinseltown on from celebrating Christmas than you're you're going to bed me too because I'm going with her. No. You don't have to do this. Yes. Yes. I do. This is what it's come to. If this is what Christmas if this. If this is what Christmas is about. Then. I'm. I guess I'm done. I guess I'm done. Rather have no part in Christmas at all. You'd really come. With me. Of course. It's what friends do the council sent everyone out side is they considered Cornelius proposal. It was always sad to see a resident of Christmas land leave. But if it would bring an end to the Christmas panic that the conductor had started. The council might see it as a good solution. Many minutes later the chocolate doors opened at we all entered. The silence in the room was. Eerie finally one of the snowman spoke up the council is made that decision from this day forward. Polly and Cornelius will be banned from Christmas land and from celebrating Christmas until the end of time if either takes pot in any festivities merrymaking, they will be turned into coal. The nutcracker soldier shackled hall, the Cornelis together with an unbreakable ribbon and marched them out of the gingerbread court and back to town all the way back to the archway where the Queen was waiting. It was snowing inside the archway again faintly, but it was snowing. Well, I guess this will give me a chance to invent my own holiday. I'll.

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