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Farmer's market freshness. For life freshness for all. Trump lawyer Michael Cohen will testify publicly before the house oversight committee on February seven oversight committee, chairman Elijah Cummings democrat from Maryland has thanked Cohen for agreeing to testify and says that he wants to make clear that they have no interest in inappropriately interfering with any ongoing criminal investigations into that. And they are in the process of consulting with special counsel Muller's office in December Cohen pleaded guilty and was sentenced to three years in prison on multiple charges, including two campaign finance crimes tied to illicit payments. Made to silence women during the presidential campaign crimes that prosecutors say President Trump directed Cohen to commit the president has denied directing Cohen to pay women who alleged affairs with him. The mother of a player on the Northwestern University women's basketball team who died in two thousand seventeen has sued a sorority claiming hazing by its members. Led to her daughter's suicide, Jim Moran with more. Felicia hankins says the hazing of her daughter Jordan hankins by members of the alpha Kappa alpha sorority. Caused severe anxiety and depression led to her daughter's death in January twenty seventeen lawsuit filed earlier this week in US district court in Chicago lawsuit. Contends Jordan hankins was quote subjected to physical abuse, including paddling, verbal abuse, mental abuse financial exploitation, sleep, deprivation items being thrown and dumped on her and other form of hazing intended to humiliate and demean her Jim Moran. WLS AM. Eight ninety news in the race for Chicago. Mayor Bill Cameron says candidate Dorothy Brown may not have enough. Valid nominating signatures to have her name placed on the ballot. Dorothy Braun appears to be more than eleven hundred signatures short, she's crying fraud. And I'm calling on the streets tornado criminal investigation of Toni preckwinkle and really Wilson's challenges to her petitions. And here's why Brown says there after her because I'm on bought it on on boss, Jim at the Chicago Board of elections has this take on Brown's claim of fraud patent. Unprovable false and several of Brown's petitions do display signatures that appear to have been written by the same hand at city hall Bill Cameron, WLS AM, eight news WLS traffic. Now, the Edens to and from lake cook twenty minute trip, the Kennedy outbound to O'Hare twenty-five inbound O'Hare to downtown thirty six junction in twenty-five. Eisenhower not too bad out to wolf twenty two to Thorndale thirty five. Inbound from Thorndale to the burn forty wolf twenty-seven Stevenson out to the veterans toll. That's about forty two inbound from the veterans toll thirty seven and the Dan Ryan out to ninety fifth a thirty minute trip inbound from ninety fifth that's twenty five minutes. Next traffic update in fifteen minutes. Now, the closing bell on Wall Street. The Dow closed up one hundred twenty one points at twenty four thousand the NASDAQ closed up almost twenty nine points at sixty nine eighty six and the s&p five hundred closed.

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