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And then our Johnny game this years, later in? The year, to the normal we're off to college Ville it, is Ryan he's the quarterback will handed off. Go up the middle it gets the positive yards and guess. What they fumble at the end of the. Play Tommy said they had the ball. At the thirty five yard line with fifty. Seconds. Left. And I think, they do, have it don't they Absolutely recovered by, Saint Thomas And they now have A couple of picks and I think four fumble recoveries in this ball game and they hit their. To force the fumble I think. That, was patent. Fitzpatrick. Yeah beautiful linebacker beautiful stick down there Coach that jumped. On the loose ball. So they they'd had, gave the fumbles had been all the result of hard hit so you had the head of the. Strip and then the fumble recovery. By, somebody else. That's. Team defense there So here again Eric victory formation with fifty seconds left to go and they'll take a knee here Zola oil Well Glenn get a lot of freshmen in. This game we'll have a chance to chat with him after the game here to talk a bit about that but, boy had some nice efforts by those young guys DeLuca LA shining pretty. Nicely in, his game for, his opportunities took one back to the house on. Interception almost back, a punt returns shortly thereafter one more time they'll take the knee that should end. This thing And they'll just let the play clock down as long as it can, it's at twenty seconds right now or the here we go that should. Do it one more snap, Niyaz down and that should end the football game And the time he's going to start off the season or the one and four trinity international they'll drop to one and one and that is. The end of our football game here but we'll. Be very anxious to hear what Glenn has sent a post given Steve Stevie t. has a.

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