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Desk, Matt McCoy, NewsRadio six ten WTVN. Welcome back to the Mark laser show. And Dave van is in the studio with me today sitting in and definitely appreciate that. So our kids all these school closings and such our kids too coddled during these schools shutdowns, and this is the second day in a row tomorrow for school shutdowns, we're gonna get into that here in just a second. But I'd be interested to know, if you're one of the people that's listening that you know, how you feel about this WTVN one eight hundred six WTVN and David some really good ideas when we talked about this earlier, which we'll get into in just a couple of minutes, but you know, our kids just getting too soft. You know, I mean, you don't mean to sound like a brute, but we are just getting too soft as a society, and especially since something like this could be easily solved with something as simple as doing a Facebook live. In the classroom. So just move forward knowing that school is always going to be open. And then if your kids if the bus can't get your kid there, then it's on you. And if you go my kids go into school, then you get them to school. And then if you make the determination that for whatever reason, it's too risky or too dangerous. Then fine, they stay home. And they watch on Facebook live, and they don't fall behind. It's. It can't be that damn hard interesting. We will move forward with this. And if you have a thought on a day to WTVN, one eight hundred six ten WTVN your chance now at a thousand bucks grand right in your hand where one.

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