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The Brennan Center Part Think Tank and advocacy organization. This policy institute focuses on protecting issues at the core of our democracy. Waldman has been a guest of the show before and helped us understand the tense debate around gun rights and the Second Amendment in America. Today he's back for a primer on voting perennially important topic but especially now with the presidential election in November and an ongoing pandemic we talk about how the Voting Rights Act of nineteen sixty five pave the way for a true democracy. Why the Roberts court has taken a backward stance on voting rights issues and how to protect the integrity of our elections without falling into the misinformed mythology of voter fraud and whether voting by mail is the answer. That's next stay tuned. Michael Waldman thank you so much for being on the show once again. Thank you for having me so I have to begin as I always do in this age of covent. Nineteen with the question. How are you doing? How's your family? Thanks for asking. We're all doing fine. Not really used to this awful situation. I live in Brooklyn where the sound of sirens continues to be very present And it's never forget the human toll of what's going on but I hope you and your family doing okay. Yeah we're doing all right. I'm very lucky. We have a house outside the city. So we're we're doing as well as can be expected in these circumstances in a lot better than a lot of people still able to do my work. As I'm guessing you are a lot of people. Don't have that ability to keep working. You know the the ability to telework is one more way of revealing sort of the inequality in the class challenges in our in our society. You know the people who who are having the ride the subway and crowded platforms early in the morning or people who are going to work for all of us there people who are working in hospitals there people who are working in retail delivery remember Jesse Jackson used to talk about people who take the early bus rally. And it's it's the same thing and people are.

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