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Continental congress back in York and Washington was so close to turning things around when I don't know if you wanna talk about Saratoga, but as all these losses were piling up during the Pennsylvania campaign random on creek Paoli Germantown a in a little hamlet in upstate New York. A hamlet of Saratoga the American general Horatio gates defeats the British general gentleman. Johnny Burgoyne captures five thousand Redcoats heavens, including twenty three generals. Now gates, of course, he's hailed by the John Adams click. This is the man to replace Washington gates was fine with that. He was a political animal. He was he was British born he had fought for the British during the French and Indian war and after the British one that were he had settled in the states on an estate of Jinya. And when rebellion broke out the American rebellion broke out gates cast his lot with the colony. Which were now states. He went to boss. He expected to be named commander in chief and was quite peeved when Washington was chosen as the compromise candidate gates, considered Washington middle gentry fox-hunting Virginian country, bumpkin more or less so now gate seizes chance and he takes logic in York. And he begins lobbying the delegates there on your man. Make me commander and chief. But because there were so few congressman York, they could not get a majority. So they did the next best thing they gifted general gates by making president of the board of war. Now previously the American board of war had been kind of a bureaucratic political position. What are we gonna do the POW's how we're gonna get wagon wheels? Made where we're going to purchase arms, but gate turns it around and suddenly he's giving orders to the field. You don't do this. That's way out of line. It was public slap in the face Washington and the Dana mall came. When gates named his friend, the Irish-born, French of Thomas Conway as inspector general of the continental army. This was way out a leak Washington was the only man to name is he was it was in protocol that the commander in chief names inspector general, not some president of the board a war, but Washington once again takes his very public slap in the face with equality, and he knows what gates doesn't know. What Adams doesn't know what none of the New England faction? Oh is that without his physical and emotional presence at valley? Forge this army this continental army of ours fall apart and suddenly the delegates out at the camp committee that went to Valley Forge they are starting to realize this too. It's only Washington's preternatural sense of will. It's only the loyalty that these soldiers have to their commander in chief that keeping his army together and get me wrong. There were plenty their scores. Hundreds of desertions men just saying we can't take. This anymore. Albums will some of the diaries and journals we read bread, I remember, it was Joseph plumb Martin. He was like Zely the revolution. He was everywhere. At one point. He wrote in his diary. Oh, yes. I think it was thanksgiving e continental congress had declared a day of thanksgiving for gates victory. It's our toga. And he said, oh, we were served a hearty lamb stew with onions and carrots cabbage and hickory nuts without the lamb stewed, the onions carrots cabbage, the hickory nuts. Instead, they were issued a Gill of vinegar ward of scurvy and Gil of rice. I mean his army was in bad shape, and the delegates at belly forger beginning to realize only Washington can keep this army together that was a very long winded answer to your question. I apologize. No. No, no. It's a great story. So basically, they were they're punting down in valley. Forge for the winter after these defeats at brandy wine in Germantown says in Pennsylvania. So this raise the question, why were things so bad? Why why were there men who are naked no shoes in the winter during valley Valley Forge just as the nascent United States did not know how to set up an army? We're no clue how to put an army together. In fact, most the congressman did not want standing army. They thought they could they could defeat the greatest the greatest empire on earth Bill terribly with the bunch of disparate militiamen..

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