Zelensky, St. Louis Fed Bank, President Jim Bullard discussed on Bloomberg Daybreak Asia


A Bloomberg business flash I think it's fair to say tension over Ukraine was basically front and center and Ukrainian president zelensky rattled nerves a bit as he was talking about a potential Russian invasion He sarcastically told an audience it will happen February 16th Now it wasn't clear that he was joking until the market had a chance to react and move lower and on top of those geopolitical concerns markets fretted over the possibility of a policy mistake from the fed today we heard from St. Louis fed bank president Jim bullard He told CNBC the fed needs to front load more of its planned removal of accommodation than it would have previously so this push does shorter term yields much higher with the ten year treasury I'm sorry a two year one 57 at ten year at one 98 so what is that 42 basis points in the two to ten spread The equity market in turn ended lower for a third straight session We had the Dow down about a half of 1% NASDAQ comp was flat but in the broader market we had the S&P down about four tenths of 1% Crude oil back above $95 a barrel We haven't been here since 2014 Right now we're a bit below that level 94 87 in the electronic session Intel is close to a deal to buy the Israeli chip company tower semiconductor We are told the prices roughly 5 billion looking at a little bit of dollar strength as we get set for trading in Asia also a weaker yen and the PBOC is set for perhaps an easing of a policy the one year loan prime rate probably going to be adjusted later today in Beijing we'll talk more about that as we continue here on daybreak Asia News next Ed Baxter is in the Bloomberg 9 16 user in San Francisco Eddie All right Douglas Canada has put in place a state of emergency to help police deal with protests and blockades Meanwhile prime minister Justin Trudeau says it will not take away any public freedoms but will help police ensure safety and freedom of commerce Hong Kong's daily virus cases have topped 2000 for the first time with 4500 preliminary infections also reported out The U.S. has closed its Ukrainian embassy in Kyiv and moved essential staff near the border with Poland U.S. says Russia now has troops enough to complete an invasion plan at any time and Vladimir Putin says he's interested in diplomacy the U.S. says it sees no signs of that In San Francisco I'm Ed Baxter This is Bloomberg All right thanks very much indeed for that Ed lets us get back to our guests with a half hour with Cameron Brandt director research at EPFL discussing the latest on the markets That Cameron give me a sense of why you suggesting that institutional investors are treating China as a safe haven play A variety of reasons but I think the basic one is that looking at the year ahead which is bookended by the current Winter Olympics and will end at some point in the fourth quarter With a major.

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