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He's destroying Russia and you need to take this guy out by any means possible Press secretary Jen Psaki says you won't hear anyone say that at The White House We are not advocating for killing the leader of a foreign country or regime change That is not the policy of the United States Russia's ambassador to the U.S. called Graham's comments unacceptable and outrageous He's even getting pushed back from Republicans Ted Cruz called assassination of Putin an exceptionally bad idea Georgia Republican congresswoman Marjorie Taylor Greene called Graham's tweet irresponsible dangerous and unhinged Ed Donahue Washington This is AP news Florida state Senate passes an election police bill pushed by Republican governor Ron DeSantis He calls for an office of election crimes and security with special state police officers named by the governor to investigate voter fraud allegations A veteran Fox News reporter draws in-house praise and criticism Fox News national security reporter Jennifer Griffin has worked for the network since 1996 The defense correspondent has drawn attention recently for contradicting her network's endless and hosts on air After retired U.S. Army colonel Doug McGregor suggested Russia be allowed to keep the parts of Ukraine they were most interested in she said he sounded like a Putin apologist Tucker Carlson later brought the former officer on his show suggesting that certain reporters are acting as flax for The Pentagon some interpreted that as a criticism of his colleague Griffin says she's doing what she's always done providing the most accurate information to viewers In a statement Fox News media said they were proud of her stellar reporting Jennifer King Washington I'm Tim McGuire AP news The world is on the verge of another milestone in the coronavirus pandemic I'm Ben Thomas with the latest numbers Johns Hopkins University's tally shows more than 5 million 997,000 people have died of confirmed COVID-19 infections around the world as of midday Sunday That's just 3000 short of 6 million deaths over the past two plus years While many places including the U.S. are relaxing precautions evidence suggests the pandemic is anything but over Remote Pacific Islands are just now grappling with their first outbreaks Hong Kong is battling its worst in Eastern Europe is seeing a spike in deaths amid the surge of refugees coming from Ukraine Meanwhile the U.S. is nearing 1 million deaths I'm Ben Thomas AP sports I'm Bruce Morton Major League Baseball owners and players return to the bargaining table on Sunday as they try to hammer out a collective bargaining agreement Failure to do so is already resulted in a delay of the scheduled March 31st start of the regular season by at least a week Golf defending champ Ernie els is the leader heading into Sunday's final round of the hoag classic in California Three players are one stroke back Tennis Roger Federer remains on the men from knee surgery which means he definitely won't play at Wimbledon He has yet to say whether he plans to enter the U.S. open which is set to begin in late August Women's basketball WNBA all star Brittany griner was arrested last month at a Moscow airport after Russian authorities searched her luggage and found vape cartridges auto racing the Haas Formula One team has terminated Russian driver Nikita Mazepin's contract following Russia's invasion of Ukraine Bruce Morton AP sports Progressive presents forest metaphors about.

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