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And raping and mass and mass that's french and and then things got real bad when president trump let secretary mattis have his way with them and are troops out bear mostly special operators small unit and air power and we just put a woman on isis like nobody's business down no territory anymore there are eaten them but barack obama he couldn't get it done but if you listen a democrat senator obama laid the groundwork for no eaten away the groundwork for a isis spreading like wildfire uh they what what was that red line in syria earlier that that red line and so it was a good one that was where he really proved that he didn't have a spine that he was without spine is like mr loubna he was born let us but you know the inventor of the slinky born without a spine when onto invent the slick we have the march for life in washington today going on on the mall the present united states president trump will address first president ever to address the march for life which has been going on since 1974 starting one year after roe versus wade the supreme court decision legalizing abortion a whole lot of cases 1973 uh and we have this memo in the memo is a big deal this is big the memo that republican members of congress four pages long want to make public the house intelligence committee has the memo word is as harry reid likes to say that the memo contains information revealing that the obama administration or officials within the obama administration at the department of justice and the fbi abused their powerful posts and the foreign intelligence surveillance act the fis up courts and fiso warrants that they abused the doj the department of justice the fbi the fis a for political purposes and republican members of congress saying this is worse than watergate bigger than watergate our conjuring up images of the kgb.

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