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I have a couple of short things. There wasn't like a lot of really really solid. Like Oh my God that long form kill me me. I agree. This was not like a salems lot where you have these really long beautiful passages. This was more in the realm of like the short horror fiction. Shen absolutely I would love to jump in with my first one so that description of the lump that Lord created Niamey's neck like the parasite that uh-huh. Oh yeah this is. Gross in weird isn't a fun it's quick. Yeah covered in spider webs skin of Chris crossings white threads a lump of Pinkish Jelly throbbed impulse to the beat of her heart. Edits remind you of anything by the way it was pretty much. The exact effect from invasion the body snatchers. I didn't and then you reminded me of it and I was like Oh wait. Oh yes that thing. Yeah I mean it's it's there's a lot of effective body horror in this one which I think it hearkens back most of the mist in terms of kind of monster design There's a lot more in the realm of like twisted contorted bodies in like weird flash stuff It's good it's late. Some solid affective body horror. So I wanNA talk about what I think. The best part of the story is which is when Dirty Dan Dirty Dave Dave Dirty Day Dan Yeah when dirty. Dave is talking about his time with our Delia. I I think it's the best part of this story by country mile. She has kind of okay thrall over him and he slowly realizes that he is watching watching a vampire. Basically she feeds on the fear of children in her library. And the only the reason it works is because the kids are kind of fascinated by it and that hit me right where I live so this is just a brief beautiful quote quote about that. Children hated and feared the darkness but it drew them. Didn't it it beckoned to them. Didn't it it sang to them. Didn't it and I remember being like that right. I remember reading and watching things that I knew would scare me like beyond what was reasonable but I had to know I had to know Steven. What do you know about the concept of actual real life belief in psychic vampirism? Very little so. I'll be brief. But that whole section was very much about there is a actual Esoteric occult belief that human beings that you know. Hold that some people are what's called the psychic vampires meaning they literally and spiritually in a supernatural way feed on the negative feelings of others this hours born from the actual psychological ecological idea that some people fucking suck and make other people upset because it makes them happy Reassigned that's the scientific term for dirty David. I he was describing. Okay she might be a psychic psychic vampire but not a supernatural psychic empire. She's just my nasty lover. Yeah and then. He's like oh no. She's definitely literally as a vampire. PYRE group sees whoop my second one is actually one of the first lines of the book that really fits in as it down his wisdom a rape before they were describing. How all of the while? The town names are which I thought was funny to town. Names were all literary. This was kind of cute weirdly. Really key to have their literary Tottenham Junction City Bia that kind of thing. Yeah strange yeah strange. Throw in there and so this is like late Forties Stevo Pushing out some dad humor. He says well the business keeps me and beer and skittles. He likes to add. Though in truth he hadn't drug much beer since college wasn't exactly sure what skills were he thought they might be pretzels. The this is what I'm talking about when I say that this story is uneven because you have shit like that and then you have like Really Harrowing Nightmare Imagery I. I can't read the whole section but I won't. I won't try but the way that our delia feeds on these kids. Fear is that they enter kind of a trance state and they start crying and her face turns into a PRA BASCUS and then she drinks their tears for those of you that that speak English per bosque's is like the weird tubular Tom. That comes out of butterflies. Yeah so that's in the same story as ethanol Would scheduled this may be their pretzels. Like what what. What are you doing Stephen King? What that's bizarre what's funny I wholeheartedly believe that time? He didn't know it. Skills were unbelievable. I believe it it was the ninety S. How anyway I have one more How many you have left? I've got one really short one mine's not as good. So let me do that. And then you can hear your end online for sure. I couldn't pick this out into parts. It's four pages long. But he explains the idea idea of the mental immune system which is the idea that children and teens and to some extent adults love horror and dark fantasy because it inoculate oculus them against real life problems yup glide. We've talked about this. We have I think on the program we have. I was glad to see this theory. Get page time yes. It's a really cool theory. Any case bring us out so this is the Rawest fucking line just in general It closes out the daily flashback. Dirty Dave is describing how he feels about the whole thing. He says somewhere somewhere deep down inside of me. I have been screaming ever since Lou. I almost always episode with that. Then I saw it within your sweet scream so I get it. So good is a spooky for sake of time I am. I think we should take it over to the web. Yeah this is where we talk about. Connections to other Stephen King Works. There are few two quick things. One Paul Sheldon is a writer in this world. He gets mentioned twice. And since the events of this occur after the events of misery is assumed that the character know what happened with any wilkes and again because this is going to start happening allot anytime something ties into something else. It will tie into absolutely everything else. so because this ties to misery misery ties to the shining shining ties to everything. You can even posit that Sam. peebles knows what happened at the overlook Kotel. It's conceivable. Another one is that this is the first time that Stephen King shouted himself out. When it wasn't a Bachman book? Yes because he used to do it all time inbox. Yes and the same as saying off who'd never read blank blank or Stephen King which I just. It's so fucking wild to me. It's kind of of upsetting. I think it's Cuba. There are five Stephen King analogs and Stephen King in the Stephen King verse. What does it mean what does it all mean? I don't know you would. I want so badly Sunday at one for us to exist in the Stephen King Universe would hit myself and die. That would be like my life would have reached its climax in. Then that's it that there's no there's no going higher than that so let's make it happen friend. I believe in us. Hey I want to shift wildly left. Turn here here you. Are you ready for some straight up mood whiplash. Hey buckle in I wanna hear you buckle Lange. Give me like a bank you all right my friends. It's time to go to off offering writing was this is our section where we talk about shit. Typically that has an aide just well or is just generally bad road even going to talk about sexual assault here no. We're not even talking about that. This is like way out in left field And I I did like a mental double take when I read this stuff you two hours long so not only once but twice. Stephen King describes the facial transformation as Delia becomes her more monstrous form as turning her is no shit. All Chinese is like now. I know what you're thinking. That has to be an exaggeration right like here. We go with some social justice bullshit. But you'd be wrong. Behold old quote ardiles's face wasn't human anymore. It had run like warm Taffy and made itself into this funnel shape that flattened her nose knows and pulled her eye sockets all along and Chinese to the sides and made her look like some kind of insect. Now Okay is that bad. It's not absolutely lutely absolutely. That's very very bad. But if you wanted to be apologised about it you could say oh well that's just the character talking so it's probably just the character. We're being weirdly racist right wrong. You be incorrect. Not There's a second one strap in to again. Put Yourself Valium. Yeah Okay ready quote it did not have a face exactly but below the bulging blue is a horn shaped began to extract itself. Pushing out of the horror show face like a stubby elephants trunk the is stretched away to either side becoming first Chinese and then insect tile. So okay okay. So that one's in the third person narration. That one doesn't belong to a character that Stephen King been like is. I don't know got all Chinese like now. Okay this should. This should go without saying but there are a lot of issues with those passages right. If I was to boil it down. Onto the crux of the issue. It would be that Chinese or broadly East Asian. If we're not lumping everyone together into one geographical group. It's not a way eighty point between being white and being a monster. It is no harder to say. Her eyes began distress horribly at the side. As if they'd been hooked hooked by invisible fishing lines say. Or even I don't know her is contorted widening impossibly towards her temples or any of the like billion other things you can say in the English language that don't associate being Asian or specifically Chinese with monstrous nece so lake kick off and then also might I add to the people who think that this is just a good descriptors because Asian is just shaped shaped differently than white is may I present to you a brief anatomy. I'm so glad you're doing me. Ademi lesson usually that falls to me. I'm so hatless in I I just have a lot of issues with the section. I need to get them out. So let me tell you. About the EPA can thick fold. The EPA can't fold is a fold of skin over the I which curves down over the upper eyelid. There are in fact. Four recognizable types of EPA can thick fold. None of which we'll get into too much detail here. But all of which can impact the perceived line of ones is these folds are shared among various ethnic groups including East Asian folks and also some northern European. Folks.

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