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USA put up a lot of production last year. The production sort of went away, and I had questions as to why that was. I mean, he's playing next Aaron, Donald, but apparently rubber Quinn is a hand in the dirt kind of guy, and they had them sort of be an edge pass rusher in the mold of von Miller sort of standing up. And that's not what Robert Quinn does. Well, he's doing that again down here. He's putting his hand in dirt pin in his ears back and getting after the quarterback, and that's how you wanna use Robert Quinn. So if you're getting that Robert Quinn and he's just two seasons removed from having incredible production, right. Hopefully you can project that you'll get that Robert Quinn from two years ago jetting bad debate. Six. It seems like with Robert Quinn hunting his ears back. Actually, that was actually they. They actually do that. It takes fifteen minutes on the sideline. There's the the d. line coach actually pins, Robert Quinn's years back takes. A guy on the SAF. Now that is just in charge pinning. Robert Quincy we make a poll question out of that is Robert Quyen going to pin is years back does put that. The poll question is Robert Gwen go independence years back. We, we went to camp to find the answer. Muddy practice. It takes fifteen minutes to pin Robert Quincy ears back. Okay, Chris, I wasn't paying attention at all at the special teams. What do we got going in on special teams? We miss Cody parkey already. I think we do Jason. Sanders is the kicker that kind of like it's his job to lose and I, I was actually, I've, I'm not watching all his kick so I can't speak in total, but I was more impressed with him from far yesterday. He seemed to do better unlike the forty five and fifty Arturs. He missed a couple of couple of bunnies. Do we call them bunnies and football? I know shots a couple of chips, chips, shots. We call that engulfing football chip shot. You know what I saw on Saturday. What you see? Danny amendola can catch everything with one hand from jug machine. Oh my God really handed. He's catching things. One handed and those things are coming out fast. He's like five feet away everything. I don't know. I don't want to say that something was on his gloves or as goes, works the sticky, but he was catching everything back into boop. Boop boop, boop boop. Nothing was hitting the ground. One handed on the drug. Between in the scrimmages amendola Tanna hill continued the sort of soil line that we saw minicamp, which is they got a thing going on Sunday. They have a, they have a good chemistry and it's actually going deep, which was a little unexpected. You, you think amendola you think tiny, slack guy he's going to be, you know, doing the shorter routes, especially with a quarterback like Ryan tannehill, who's not known for his deep ball, but two things that I saw Tanna hills balls are looking good, and he's got an absolute chemistry with amendola already. And Albert Wilson actually who I'm calling fast Albert, right? He. I love that it's great if there's anything you can't really learn a lot watching training camp because they're practicing at like half speed. They're not relieving wearing full pad or not like you learned a lot. The one thing I did learn that the skill position guys like I'm not worried about that like the receivers devante Parker is a question Mark, the other three receivers. I think ten l. has good chemistry with and the running Baxter's three running backs ruining uses this year while I was going to ask you guys because Mike was intrigued by Kenyan Drake list year. Did you guys check him out like Drake, look, good. Yeah, I checked Kenyan Drake out. I I didn't really notice any of the other running backs out there. Gore was sort of when I was out there on Saturday, you were there on Sunday. He was doing what you would expect of Franko, which is three yards and a cloud of dust sort of stuff. I know that some of the other running backs there were trying to get involved in some of the passing game, and I saw them struggle going out in the flats, but I think Drake is going to be if you're looking for a fantasy, pick can in Drake, might be a pretty solid, won the rookie at eras, Arizona state Kaelin blog..

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