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A look at KSFO traffic sponsored by Cal Hope and the California Department of Health Care Services on the Altamont Pass eastbound five eighties. Your project, Brandt Line wrote. There's a big rig that has stalled out. Looks like it's over to the shoulder, but Drivers setting up cones in the right lane. And it's causing extra heavy delays. Starting at first Street in Santa Clara, you're gonna be on the break South down 11 from Great America Parkway to tremble Road. And then it's heavy and slow again from broke all road to Oakland Road, a stolen Hayward. It's now in the center divider on 80 north bound before the 92 connector conquered on the westbound four connector to South bound 6 80. It's a hit and run crash that's stuck in the left lane. Enrichment. It's a car in a pickup truck that collided over to the shoulder eastbound 80 before Central Avenue. If you're feeling anxious, stressed or lonely in these difficult cove in times, call Cal hope at a 33317 hope that's 8333174673 or visit Cal hoped out or go to talk to someone who could help. Hope will persevere with KSFO traffic. I'm Ted Thomas. Introducing touch free payments from PayPal a safe way for your customers to pay simply download the papal app and display your own unique You are code for your customers to scan Whether you're a market seller, poodle, pamper piano tuner or plumber. Signing up to accept touch free payments for your business is easy Touch freak. You are code payments.

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