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Just adjacent to it. And all that makes things a little bit tough and slow, but no work happening as we speak. I'll send it back to you, Chris. All right, Ginger. Thank you. Every year, the crystal Cabin awards honor the most innovative airplane cabin designs that could one day reshape the future Flying. So let's take a look. This year's big winner of the Judge's Choice Award went to this next generation economy seat concept called Inter space. Mm. The seat includes two padded wings that manually fold in and out of the seat, giving travelers extra privacy and a place to rest their head. Oh, I'm the designer says the wings could be retrofitted to existing plane seats on the shortlist of finalists this year is the cloud capsule concept. It's a dual level airplane cabin, which uses the area. Above the economy seats as an additional space that passengers could purchase as an add on once at cruising altitude, they could retreat to the capsule that would have its own heating and cooling settings. Get a little nappy poo and hello? Yeah, that just has so much going on a lot happening. There really is Okay. Cool. I like that. Alright, 17 years after naming the 500 greatest songs of all time Rolling Stone magazine has updated its list, putting this classic In the taps fat You. What you everything. Franklin's respect replaces like a Rolling stone By Bob Dylan. The magazine says the change shows how music tastes change. Over the years more than 250 artists, musicians producers helped compile this list. And here are some of the new editions..

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