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Welcome back, everybody. This is Dr Tom Roselle. You're listening to Dr Thomas alive, and we have a very special program for you. One that is really cutting edge and one that you know, we've been aware of for many, many years, but I have a Somebody who is like over the top smart when it comes to the topic. We're talking about thermal graphic imaging as it relates to detecting all types of health problems, But particularly, we're talking about breast cancer. Because October is breast cancer awareness Month. We have a couple of calls and we're going to go to the phones and take those. But before we do that, Derek Before we Broke from the first half the program I started asking you about the detection of lymphatic involvement. The big worry with a lot of breast cancers is that it goes to the lymphatic system and metastasizes and can cause problems but also with any other lymphatic type of presentation. Does demography have the capacity to pick up accurately involvement in lymph tissue? And if it does, uh, And if it doesn't What's what? Are they limitations? Yes, actually, it does have, um, and specificity that it can look to see if there is lymph, lymphatic involvement. So that is one of our standard imaging that we do with all breast scans. As we look at the lymphatic so in addition to the front of the two breaths and then all surface failures, so it we've had, you know, as far back I can remember my my first, um Our patient who did have one length out involvement and it was very specific in the imagery on obviously had to get it confirmed by the doctor. So it does allow us to look at that early on. Um, And then obviously the recommendation is to do further clinical correlation either through, um, mammography and MRI sonogram to confirm what we're seeing. As far as the specialist activity now, death, you know, just to recap. A little bit. Uh, thermography centers of Fairfax is A group that's been around now for a lot of years. We're talking about over 14 years. Yeah, and you use a group outside of tomography centers to read your films. You have a group of about 15 medical physicians. That's all they do is read These, uh these images that correct right? 15 fold full time in about 50 all totaled all of all around the world, but they're all um You know, Certified MDs that red demographic imaging. It's a group called electronic Medical Interpretation. Um, I've been using them since the beginning. And there are really really top notch group of doctors. One of them actually, that I use quite a bit. Is the head of radiology and a very acclaimed medical facility. You know, it's interesting when I had Dr Peter Leandro on my podcast about about two weeks ago now and by the way that podcast is available, it's Asia's health with Dr Tom Roselle. You guys can look it up. Dr. Peters is an amazing, amazing position. But he was telling me and I asked him that I said how many of these images images your doctors read a day? And you're talking about thousands on a day to day basis. Yeah, used to be 2000 and, uh, since covid hit, they're probably, um, about 1500 a day. Wow. I mean included So at the end of at the end of the day, the information bases is huge. And the expertise behind this is not something that is Secondary. We're here at Triple 86309. 65 Derris. Let's go to the phones Just for a minute, Jane, You've been very patient. How can we help you? Oh, hi. Thanks for taking my call. And for discussing such an important topic. I am a breast cancer survivor. 2000 and eight triple negative. Had a mammogram year before my diagnosis undetected. At that time, I found my own lump. And then, of course, after surgery came a radiation. I was told to have just mammogram after mammogram and eventually learned myself about Thermography and had that done every other year and place the mammograms and really gave me peace of mind. I really enjoyed, uh, can use that word The that were shared with me and the understanding that came with it. The ability to walk out of that. The facility, not having had my breast smashed. I guess the main question I have is, um at the time when I was having these done California it was it was a couple $100. Apart, you know, out of pocket. Do you foresee insurance at any point or Medicare at any point covering thermography? If I can answer that question, um, the at one point, um, insurance companies were covering from insurance work covering it. And then with change of administrations, things kind of rolled back. So it vacillates back and forth, But I can tell you after being in this business, you know dozens of years more. That the number of patients is is really what's going to drive insurance companies covering it because I'm seeing more and more women and men, um, who are demanding other options, other pieces of the puzzle so that they can be proactive in their own health care, so I foresee it being covered. More. I've seen the door open and then kind of closed slightly, but I think it will open back up again. It's really important that you were, you know, we all understand that traditional Approaches to health care are in the AL empathic arena and insurance companies, as their board of directors are mostly seated medical positions that have relationships to drug companies and high powered manufacturers. And I'm giving you the political economic piece of that We're setting the the absolute nous of the diagnostics aside. And anything that is not aligned with that, If you will is not necessarily going to be the things they're going to look at as being covered, you know you have laws are called right to try. That's a whole different buttons with me that we can get into. But we want today. But at the end of the day The more and more people that demand from their insurance carriers, their employers, representatives to have certain things brought about relative to coverage in their policies and make it mainstay Mainstream. Uh It will be done at some point, but right now it's up and down Based on what there is said administrations and politics and economically driven, it's unfortunate Thank you for calling Triple 86309625 is how you find us here, and we want to encourage you to attend this presentation this Wednesday evening, the 22nd of the month. Boy, we're coming up to the end of September. Already the year's almost over. But at the end of the day if you really want to learn about thermal graphic Imaging its importance if you will, in an overall health diagnostic mode that has tentacles that no other form of diagnosis has..

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